Facts about the Sasuke Retsuden Novel

Sasuke Retsuden

Although anime and manga Naruto It ended several years ago, but this series still has loyal fans. And to treat fans' longing, manga Sasuke Retsuden is here to greet Naruto fans.

In manga In this Sasuke Retsuden, the big focus is given to Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno who work together to find a cure for Naruto Uzumaki.

You can see the interesting side of these two characters, and as Naruto fans, of course we really appreciate that.

Here are some interesting facts about Sasuke Retsuden that you should know.

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The story is about Sasuke's journey in finding medicine for Naruto

Sasuke Retsuden
Sasuke in Search of a Cure for Naruto. Source: Anime Nachrichten

Sasuke Retsuden is a novel written by Jun Esaka and released in 2019. 

The setting takes place after the anime and manga Naruto Shippuden, but before entering the era Boruto: Next Generations.

So, in this novel Sasuke Uchiha is married to Sakura Haruno, but has no children.

Meanwhile, Kakashi Hatake has served as the Sixth Hokage of Konoha Village.

The story of this novel is about Sasuke Uchiha who has to travel again and find a cure for Naruto. 

Sasuke must smuggle into an astronomical facility located in an ancient city called the Land of Redaku.

The process of finding the drug is not so easy, it is full of challenges and forces Sasuke to face new enemies. 

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Discussing the disease suffered by Naruto

Sasuke Retsuden
Naruto Suffers from a Rare Disease. Source: Game Rant

At first Sakura had time to check Naruto's illness, from this examination it was discovered that Naruto was allergic to Kurama's chakra.

This can happen because Naruto as a jinchuriki has two types of chakra, namely his own chakra and Kurama's chakra. 

Every time Naruto uses Kurama mode, the amount of chakra exceeds the normal limit in his body.

This caused Naruto's original chakra channels to think that Kurama's chakra was a foreign substance in his body which then blocked the flow of his chakra.

Previously, Hagoromo Otsutsuki had also experienced this rare chakra disease and was cured thanks to a mysterious medicine. 

Hagoromo reportedly kept some of the medicine for the chakra disease before he died. 

And this is the main focus of the novel Sasuke Retsuden. However, the search process was not easy because Hagoromo kept his location a secret.

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Showing New Techniques from Sakura

Sakura Has a New Technique
Sakura Has a New Technique. Source: OtakuFR

If in the Naruto series up to Naruto Shippuden Sakura was always considered a burden, there is something different in this novel. Because Sakura has a fairly large and important role in Sasuke Retsuden.

This could happen because Sakura also followed Sasuke to the Land of Redaku. 

On this occasion, Sakura showed off her new technique as a ninja, namely the ability like a sensor ninja which allows her to track the whereabouts of traps, people or important objects from quite far away positions. 

Sakura can do this because she has the ability to control chakra. 

To do this, Sakura simply spreads her chakra through the surface to be able to feel everything around her.

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Those are some fact about Sasuke Retsuden which tells the story of Naruto's search for medicine.

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