Everything You Need To Know About Meta Ciki in MLBB

This time we will review Meta Ciki. This will help you to find out what the meaning, advantages and disadvantages are.

In-game Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang, there are many modes that can be played. One of the most popular modes is ranked mode.

Mode ranked is a competitive 5 vs 5 game mode. In this mode, you will risk stars or points (specifically mythic ranks) which can be used to increase your rank. To unlock ranked mode, you must reach level 8 and must have at least 5 heroes.

At the time this article was written, there were seven ranking orders. Here's the order from lowest to highest:

  • Warriors
  • Elite
  • Masters
  • grandmasters
  • Epic
  • Legend
  • Mythic

Mythic Rank specifically uses a point system. When the points reach 600 points, you will reach the advanced rank, Mythical Glory.

So, to easily win the game in ranked mode, of course, you have to have a strategy to beat your opponent's game or among gamers MLBB known as META (Most Effective Tactics Available).

The META continues to evolve and change with every patch update. What's the patch update? In short, this patch update is an update to several heroes, items, and other aspects to maintain game balance in the MLBB game.

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Get to know the CiKi META

Snatch and Kill META

In the current patch, there is an MLBB META which is currently viral on various social media platforms because this META is perfect for push rank! What METAs are they? The answer is META CiKi

What is the CiKi META?

META CiKi or META Ciduk and Kill is a META that uses locked heroes with burst damage capabilities, such as Aldous, Jonshon, and Gusion.

The way this META works is to lock or focus on targeting the opponent's core hero. Core heroes are heroes who serve as the biggest damage contributor in the team and have strong potential to bring the team to victory.

Heroes cores really need gold to buy some items in order to be able to give maximum damage. So the goal of this META is to make it difficult for the opponent's core heroes to get gold to buy items, so that the core heroes in our team have the potential to be superior to the opposing team.

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Composition of CiKi META Heroes

MLBB map along with hero positions

Because the CiKi META requires lock heroes and the ability to burst damage, here's an example of hero composition and its advantages for this CiKi META:


One of the roamers that is suitable for this CiKi META is Jonshon. Jonshon has the ultimate with high mobility so he can scoop up opponent cores on any lane.


The midlaner that is suitable for this META is Gusion. This hero has burst damage skills with a short cooldown.


META CiKi requires goldlaners who are able to clear lanes quickly so they can farm independently on their lanes. One of the heroes who can do this is Beatrix.


The Explaner that is suitable for combos with roamers like Jonshon is Aldous. The ultimate ability to open the map will really help the team scoop up.


Junglers are flexible, only requiring independent farming skills because roamers and midlaners can't help much when the opposing team is in trouble in the jungle. One of the jungles that is suitable for this META is Hanzo.

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Pros of CiKi META

META Ciki's Best Hero Composition

Each META certainly has its own advantages, here are the 3 main advantages of the CiKi META:

Farming Difficulty Opponent Core

The first advantage of this META is the opponent's core which has difficulty farming. So that the opponent's core becomes difficult to buy the items needed.

Opponent Roamer Focus Assist Core

When the opponent's core starts having trouble getting gold, of course roamers and even the opposing midlaner will focus on helping the core hero. This is an advantage for the core heroes in our team because they can focus on carrying out objectives such as farming, pushing turrets, and killing turtles easily.

Bright Map

Through this META hero combo like Aldous and Jonshon, our team can easily find out the position of the opponent's core. Especially for junglers and goldlaners, take advantage of the map that has been opened by the team to get more objectives.

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Cons META CiKi

When will Mobile Legends be closed

Even though this META looks very strong, it turns out there are still drawbacks! Following are the disadvantages of the CiKi META:

Single Target

The first drawback of this META is the ability to only single target, so in war 5 vs 5 there is a risk of losing due to the lack of heroes with multi-target abilities.

However, this risk can be prevented by using heroes with multi-target abilities for goldlaners and junglers on our team.

The Team Must Be Compact

META CiKi really needs communication and cohesiveness, especially for roamers, midlaners, and explaners. For this reason, it is highly recommended to use this when there are five of them so that communication can run well.

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So that's Vicigers explanation about the CiKi META, which is viral in this patch. After reading the explanation, do you think you will use this META or not?

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