What is Core in Mobile Legends? Here's the definition!

What are Cores?

When we play Mobile Legends, surely there will be one of the players in charge of the core position. However, as ordinary players, we will certainly be unfamiliar with this term. So, what exactly is the core in the Mobile Legends game?

Actually, the word core has several definitions. Starting from what is the core in games like the Mobile Legends game and what is the core in the world of laptop processors. However, surely we often encounter the word core in the Mobile Legends game, right?

Before heading to the main discussion, it's important that you know in advance what a core is based on its broad definition. Check out the explanation below.

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What is Core Based on Broad Understanding

If interpreted in general or broadly, the word core is the basis or essence of a discussion, tool or structure.

The core word itself, if viewed based on KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary), has the main meaning or has the biggest role and contribution to everything that moves.

Do you know what core is in general? Now, you will find out about the meaning of the core in the Mobile Legends game.

What is the Core that is often in the Mobile Legends Game? 

What are Cores
VENOM Hero Skin Selena. Source: YouTube GAN Channel.

As gamers who want to become pro-players in the Mobile Legends game, of course you have to know exactly what the core is so that your game can be even better. Because this core is very crucial in the Mobile Legends game.

The core in this Mobile Legends game is a position or role that is the most important or most core. Usually, this position or role is controlled by those who are experts in using high damage heroes such as Mage, Assassins and Marksman.

The core position in the Mobile Legends game is very vital. So you need to learn from many pro-players who are familiar with this position or role in the Mobile Legends game. Especially if you play for a professional esport team, then you will serve as an important spearhead.

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Things that Core Must Do in Mobile Legends 

What are Cores

There are lots of things to be done by player with the core position in order to win the match in the Mobile Legends game. Make sure you really understand and master it, okay!

Controlling the Game 

As the most crucial position, you are required to control the course of the game. Because if a game gets out of hand, usually the core position will often be the scapegoat. So, you have to really focus on getting the position of this core.

Enemy Turret Focus

Destroying enemy turrets is the main focus in Mobile Legends. However, once you know what a core is, later the focus in your game will be divided. That's when you can't let your guard down and you have to always focus on the enemy's turret.

Biggest Damage Dealer

Do you still remember what type of hero is suitable to fill the core position? Yes, there are Assassins, Mage and also Marksman who indeed the three types of heroes are equipped with great damage.

So, apart from focusing on destroying the turret, you also have to increase your damage as the game minutes go by. When the damage is great, you can defeat the enemy with the help of a Support type hero to make it more effective and efficient.

Kill Turtle and Lord

Considering that the damage to the core heroes is the greatest, it's no wonder the whole team will assign the core heroes to immediately kill the turtles and lords. Only after the turtle and lord are killed will the tempo of the game become easier because the movement of this core hero will become more flexible.

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What are Cores

Now you already know what a core is both based on its broad definition and in the Mobile Legends game. Basically, the core is a very crucial, core and most risky position.

So you can't lose focus when running a position or watching something called this core. Hopefully this article is useful.

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