Aldous's Painful Build Item in Mobile Legends 2022

You can use this sick Aldous build item in Mobile Legends 2022. Surely he will be a deadly monster.
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Check this page to see which Aldous build items are hurting on Mobile Legends 2022. He is a soul contractor with a very powerful weapon.

Aldous is a very unique fighter capable of destroying enemies at full health with a single hit thanks to his enhanced Basic Attack, this and many other advantages make him a nightmare for heroes with low durability or defense. 

In this Mobile Legends guide, we will take a look at Aldous's ill build item in 2022. What are you curious about? Continue reading to the end.

List of Aldous MLBB Build Items

If equipped with Retribution, it is recommended to take Tough boots or Warrior boots depending on the situation. It is also recommended to bless him with Dominance Ice as it gives extra movement speed to Aldous build items to chase fleeing enemies. 

But if the team already has a jungler, one can go the Exp route and still choose either the Warriors boot (For extra Physical Defense) or the Tough boot (Reduces Control duration and provides additional Magic defense), depending on the enemy lineup.

Remember, he is a very unique hero who doesn't need a lot of attacking items to defeat and kill enemy heroes with one shot. So build the Thunder Belt first because it provides Mana Reagent and true damage to enemies, this item will really make the attack seriously injured. 

Then you can follow up with Bruteforce Breastplate as it provides extra defense as well as movement speed on casting skills.

Another main and Essential equipment is Malefic Roar as it gives extra Physical Penetration against very defensive heroes. Other equipment was made to increase one's endurance on the battlefield. More details are in the explanation below.

Tough Boots

Aldous Build Items
Tough Boots.

The first recommended Aldous build item is Warrior of Tough Boots, where the choice of boots is adjusted to the type of enemy you are facing. If the enemy's damage has a lot of physical damage, choose Warrior Boots. Select Tough Boots as the spell. Apart from that, this item also increases the movement speed of each hero.

Endless Battles

Aldous Build Items
Endless Battles

Endless Battles is the main thing for Alduse to win life. Apart from that, he can also get True Damage which is very effective against tank heroes with high armor. Later there will be additional speed that is useful for chasing opponents who are trying to escape.

Endless Battle was chosen because it suits Aldous' game and relies on basic attacks to kill enemies. Not only serves to increase basic attack damage, Endless Battle offers many other benefits to its users. Unfortunately, this item sells quite expensive for 2470 gold.

Endless Battle provides 65 more physical attacks, five rain mana, 250 HP, 10 percent cooldown reduction, 5 percent movement speed, and 10 percent physical lifesteal. This item has a unique passive meaning: After three seconds of using a skill, the next basic attack will provide 60 percent of the actual physical attack. 

Thunder Belt

Aldous Build Items
Thunder Belt

Everything else is Thunder Belt, which is the most useful construct during the game. The reason is with this item you can add +800 HP, +6 Mana Rain, +10% cooldown reduction and +40 physical defense.

Thunderbolt's unique passivity is that within 3 seconds after using the skill, another basic attack will completely damage the additional 50 + 5 percent of the hero's Max HP spent on the enemy target and surrounding units and they will be slowed by 40 – 80 percent increasing with additional Max HP hero in 1 second. This effect has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

Within 3 seconds after using the skill, the next basic attack can deal actual damage equal to 50 plus 5 percent of the hero's maximum HP in addition to enemy heroes and units around them, and can weaken the enemy by 40-80 percent (extended time). Max HP extra Hero) and lasts 1 second. This passive has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds. 

Apart from thickening his blood, this can also exacerbate his basic attack damage. Thunder Belt is able to turn its basic attack into real damage, while the opponent gets a crowd control effect. By using this item, he becomes stronger and deadlier.

The Thunder Belt provides an additional 800 HP, six showers of mana, a 10 percent cooldown reduction, and 40 physical defense. This item has a unique passive, namely: After three seconds of using a skill, the next basic attack will deal actual damage of 2 percent of the target's maximum HP and a slow effect for 1.5 seconds.

War Ax

Aldous Build Items
War Ax

War Ax is the best Aldous build item. It is assumed that this set can increase +55 physical attack, +550 HP and +10 percent Cooldown reduction.

This passive object can damage enemies when entering battle mode, increasing the hero's physical attack to 8 and physical penetration to 4 every 3 seconds, up to a maximum of 8 stacks.

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Malefic Roar

Aldous Build Items
Malefic Roar

The advantage of this Aldous build item is that it can increase +60 physical attack and +40 percent physical penetration. With the enemy's passive physical defense item, physical penetration will increase by 0.05 percent if you deal damage, and will be limited to 20 percent.

Each physical defense that the enemy hero has will increase the physical penetration of the hero by 0.05 percent (maximum 20 percent) if damage is caused by the enemy.

This item was chosen because it can greatly soften enemies like Hero Tanks and kill them quickly. Malefic Roar is something with the highest extra physical penetration, which is very suitable for fighting heroes with high strength, such as tanks and supports.

Malefic Roar only carries 60 more physical attacks. This item brings another attribute of 40 percent physical penetration with a unique passive, namely: Basic attacks ignore 20 percent of tower defense. Fortunately, Malefic Roar is sold at a very cheap price of 2060 gold.

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So, above is the painful Aldous build item. Even though he gets a lot of Nerf, with the highest build, he will still be a god in the game later.

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