FF Max Callback Event: Get 11 Diamond Royale Vouchers

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Garena Free Fire often holds exciting events for all players. The FF Max callback event is one of them. Where can you get 11 diamond royale vouchers.

Free Fire MAX and Free Fire both boast large active user bases, which means that both titles need more than just game modes to stay relevant among players.

Like other popular games and their developers/publishers, Garena maintains the relevance of its BR shooters by hosting several in-game events. The FF Max Callback Event is an opportunity for gamers to get extraordinary prizes.

In recent years, this FF Max callback event has become one of the main reasons contributing to player engagement in Garena Free Fire MAX and the original BR shooter. The types of events featured in Free Fire and its MAX variants vary from the usual to those based on promotions or collaborations.

How to Join the FF Max Callback Event

FF Max Callback Events

Many FF Max Callback events have been introduced in Free Fire and the MAX variant is related to the FFWS (Free Fire World Series) 2022 Sentosa esports tournament. Free Fire MAX users can see the in-game “Friends Callback” event among these events.

FF Max Callback Events have been a recurring feature in the game as players have encountered the same many times in the past. This event requires the user to invite their in-game friends who have been inactive in the game for a long time.

If an inactive friend accepts an invitation sent by a user, rejoins using the link provided and fills in the sender's ID, one can receive the gifts shown in the event.

Users can find a guide on how to invite friends in-game and claim a maximum of 11 Diamond Royale vouchers as follows:

  • You have to open the game on their device and tap on the “event” icon in the lobby.
  • You can then tap on the FF World Series tab and scroll down to the “Call Back a Friend” event.
  • Clicking the “Call Back” button available on the event page will open a list of inactive in-game friends.
  • You can tap the “Invite” button and use their preferred method to send their ID to certain inactive friends through certain platforms.

As mentioned, if an in-game friend uses the link and fills in the sender's ID, the user can claim the prize. The prizes available at the “Friends Callback” event are as follows:

  • Bring back one friend: One Diamond Royale voucher 
  • Bring back three friends: Two Diamond Royale vouchers and FFWS 2021 lobby music 
  • Call back five friends: Three Diamond Royale vouchers Call back seven friends: Five Diamond Royale vouchers

In this way, players can get a maximum of 11 Diamond Royale vouchers and get a chance to open the Rainbow Summertime bundle along with other collections in the Free Fire MAX prize pool.

This event will reach its peak on May 25, 2022. Thus, users must act quickly before the FF Max Callback Event ends.

How to Callback Friends on Free Fire

FF Max Callback Events

The new theme of this update is called Operation Chrono. The developer has also brought lots of in-game events and items in this new update, which will allow players to win amazing and attractive prizes.

One of the events recently introduced at Free Fire is the Call Back event. This event apparently asks players to invite friends who have been offline for a long time, and in return offers players certain prizes.

This article explains every step that must be followed when playing the Callback event on Free Fire, as many players often find it quite complicated to complete this event.

The Callback Event at Free Fire has been introduced recently and is valid for another four days, that is, it will end on May 25, 2022.

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Here are the steps players must follow to complete this event and call back friends:

Run Free Fire on the device of choice and wait for the default loading screen to appear. Tap on the Friends icon present at the top right corner of the screen. A new menu will appear. Tap on the Call Back tab present in the left corner of the screen.

Another menu will appear, showing the four different event limits, which provide special rewards. Tap on one of the Call Back options present on the right side of the screen.

A list of social media friends will appear. Tap on the invite option and share the link via one of the preferred social media handles. If a friend enters via the link provided by the player, the completion of the mission takes place, and the player has the opportunity to win attractive vouchers and prizes.

The following is a collection of prizes after completing the event:

  • Recall 1 friend: 3x Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Call back 3 friends: 3x Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Call back 5 friends: 5x Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Call back 7 friends: 7x Diamond Royale Voucher and Pet skin, Snow Panther

Free Fire offers more than 500 million more downloads on Google Play Store due to its huge fans around the world. Being one of the most downloaded battle royale titles on the mobile platform, game developers also frequently launch new features and in-game events.

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Recently, after the OB33 update, a new season along with the latest version of Free Fire has been released.

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