Tips for Playing the EA Apex Legend 2022 Game

EA Apex Legends

Climb the Leaderboards at EA Apex Legends can be a great feat. While this mode is basically the same as standard match, some elements are different.

Players trying to break out of the Bronze-Gold tier will need to employ this tactic to make their ascent easier. The top dogs at the Diamond or Apex Predator tiers practice these tips regularly.

Tricks for Playing EA Apex Legend

The thirteenth season of Apex Legends has finally arrived, and with it, Respawn Entertainment has added new character: Newcastle.

With a new competitive season in the game, many new players are investing themselves in the ranked game mode to test their skills. However, some players may have questions about the ranking system.

Like every other competitive video game, Apex Legends has a ranking system based on certain levels with certain benchmarks.

Of course, the game has the standard Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers, but it also has the higher Platinum, Diamond, Master and Apex Predator tiers. The final level is a nod to Titanfall.

Unlike the ranking system in other popular shooter games, Apex Legends has a different way of calculating ratings.

Knowing how points are calculated in this game can help players understand what gameplay factors are important to rank up so they can practice and improve better.

More Kills

EA Apex Legends
Apex Legends Mobile Party. Source: YouTube/Gel Odin

A common mistake that lower ranked EA Apex Legend players make is they pick every fight they can get to rack up kills. The Ranking System works by awarding extra points for kills and assists but only to a certain extent.

Players can only earn up to 6 kill points throughout the game, eliminating the need to select additional fights as they are pointless. Looking for as many fights as possible is a good way to get knocked out, so keep an eye on the point limit.

Choose the Right Battle

EA Apex Legends
Big Maude

Players don't always have to see the firefight to the end, sometimes it's better to cut losses and move on. The general mentality for players is to unload everything they have when a bullet hits them.

This can lead to a huge loss of resources and trading can completely deplete your EA Apex Legend team. Fighting in every battle until there is a winner standing on the death box can be futile, so know when to retreat and when to fight.

Got Best Position

EA Apex Legends
Apex Mobile Ranked

Good positioning is the difference between a team of wiped out players or total dominance. Map EA Apex Legend has hundreds of positional advantages with high and low ground.

Standing out in the open or on an empty roof is a common way for lower-ranking EA Apex Legends teams to get out. Understand the importance of protection, and stay behind some when possible.

In Apex Legends you will never win a game playing alone unless you are a pro player. Even they tend to just solo into the regular lobbies, and find teammates for their ranking sessions.

Eliminating random teammates increases team play decreases solo play, and perhaps most importantly, causes less stress.

Understand Meta Legends

EA Apex Legends
Apex Legends (Source: Steam)

As time goes on, new patches and updates can make some Apex Legends stronger than others. Although S-tier or A-tier Legend may not be the main thing for players, having experience playing the best legends can bring victory.

Wraith, Horizon, and Bloodhound are solid choices going into Season 9 alongside Caustic once his buff kicks in. Learning how to take advantage of stronger Legends can be an easy way to dominate through the ranks.

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Stick To Lodout

EA Apex Legends
Apex Legends Mobile Weapons

Too often in the game EA Apex Legends, players will change their loadout as the game progresses, ditching good guns for other options.

Sticking to a preferred loadout with an overall great gun can help players snowball and stockpile the best gear for themselves.

Guns like the R-301 and Flatline will always be a good choice with lots of modification options. Find a weapon that fits your desired play style, practice with it and build around it.

In Apex, you get points for killing and assisting with a cap of 6. More than that will not give you extra points.

At that point, placement scores became more important than jumping into another fight. The longer you stay in the game, the higher the points you get for kills. Die early and each kill/assist is worth 10 RP, win the game and be worth 25RP.

Apex Legends' Respawn Beacon exists for a reason, so even when the odds are stacked against you, it's important to never give up and try your best.

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Having a full squad at the end of the game is very advantageous and you will be able to sweep away determined enemies to play solo.

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