The Best Apex Legends Characters You Should Use

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If you play this game on a cellphone and not a PC, VCGamers has recommendations for the best Apex legends characters that you should use.

Since this game is relatively new, many players are looking for characters apex legends which one is the most popular. It's not just a matter of convenience, you also need to explore how this Apex legends character can bring victory. Because each character in this game has different skills that can be useful in the game.

There are only five of the most useful Apex Legends characters. Because they have a number of abilities that make it easy to win. Not only that, the character descriptions for each character will also be adjusted to the game classes in Apex Legends Mobile.

List of the Best Apex Legends Characters 2022


Apex Legends characters

For those of you who have a rusher role, the main choice in this game is the apex legends character from Wraith. The ability of this character is even more victorious, especially in close combat.

With Into the Void, you can disappear in 5 seconds. This is very useful if you want to escape enemy reserves or even try to avoid them.

In addition, the latter will be able to open teleportation portals. On a mission to save a downed teammate, this ability can be used to send an ally's position directly to a safe place.

Pbasically, the Wraith's presence can be used according to the conditions of the game. Finally, obligations are also very useful.

BFor those who don't know when you're aiming at enemies in the distance, the Wraith whispers to let the team know. Even if you don't see the opponent's location, this information is very important to unlock the first skill to find a safe place from damage.


Apex Legends characters
Bloodhound Apex Mobile

With this character, you use the wallhack cheat. You see, Bloodhound's scan can reveal the enemy's position if he is in the skill area. Fortunately, this skill area is wide enough to use when entering the battlefield. This makes it possible to know where the best position of the reserves is without the enemy noticing.

Then there is the passive which is also useful, namely reading the enemy's tracks. When Bloodhound is used, you will always see a dirt trail, it is a step away from the left enemy. You also know where they go. Some simply decide to follow them or find some other safer place.

After all, what this Bloodhound won was the end. Upon activation, Bloodhound enters hunter ultimate mode. The scenes are a bit dark, but whenever an enemy appears it turns red and is easy to spot. In addition, the Bloodhound's movement speed had also increased.

In addition, the last effect is to reduce the cooling time of the first skill to only 5 seconds. This means Vicigers friends can continuously scan and provide enemy location information to teammates.


Apex Legends characters

Octane is the newest Apex Legends character. The advantage of this feature is its speed. Not only that, Mend's Swift ability also heals him easily.

The ability to control sound would also be able to increase speed at the expense of a bit of longevity.

This character can also take out the Jump Pad to blast himself or his teammates into the air to prevent the opponent from attacking or performing a surprise attack. Therefore, this character is suitable for those who want to attack the guerrillas without fear.


Apex Legends characters

For those of you who want to play defense while defending your teammates, the Gibraltar character with the biggest hitbox will be perfect for you. As you know, this character acts as a tanker.

He has an impenetrable defense. This can happen because this character has a passive power called Gun Shield. Plus, you can take out a protective dome that protects you and your teammates for 15 seconds if you're in a pinch.

And what about his ultimate skill? Defensive bombing of Gibraltar able to issue codes for enemies hit by airstrikes, making it very appropriate for use in enforcement.

This character can release a fire-resistant dome from the outside. If you are inside this dome, the enemies won't hit unless they drop a bomb. Then there is another possibility for his passive to issue a shield when aiming at enemies.

This is especially useful when fighting together. Like, your armor has gone up, though not by much. At the very least, it is very useful for extending the life of the shoot.

Finally, the latter had the same effect in Bangalore. This Apex Legends Mobile character can send an airstrike to a place that you have marked as smoke.

Unfortunately the damage from this skill can also affect teammates, so you can combine it by taking out the dome so you don't get hit by the missiles issued by Gibraltar.

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Apex Legends characters
Lifeline Apex Mobile

Would you rather be in the role of a team medic and ready to treat your bullet-hit teammates? You can choose Lifeline characters, friends! Lifeline can use its drone to attack other characters around 1-2 meters away, including enemies.

This character's highest ability is to issue packages with high-quality defensive weapons, making them suitable for use in Gibraltar. All items are repaired 25 percent faster when using this character. Lifelines are also able to wake up teammates more quickly when protected by a shield.

Apart from that, his passive is also useful when waking up teammates who have been thrown towards the enemy. When the button is pressed again, teammates automatically wake up and receive protection from the Lifeline Shield.

If you're in a hurry, you can shoot your opponent without having to participate in the teammate creation process. Then the last is the Care Package. Later there will be a supply of defensive items such as Syringe, Armor or Battery Shield, which are very useful for teammates who lack items to steal.

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