Participating in Diamond Vault ML (Mobile Legends) Can Get Rare Skins!

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Diamond Vault ML (Mobile Legends) is often associated with events specifically presented to millionaires diamonds in games the. Is it really like that?

If the benchmark events this is diamonds which you can get with top up, It is true events this will drain your pockets a lot. But in reality, events it also provides an opportunity for some player lucky enough to get a "splash" diamonds.

Simply put, if you do not have capital diamonds a lot (for example, only 15 or less), you still have the chance to get extra diamonds up to 20 or more depending on available stock.

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The following article will discuss the procedures for participating in Diamond Vault events without much top up. you see, events it will provide many unexpected gifts.

Following Rules Diamond Vault Mobile Legends

If you are observant enough, Diamond Vault ML has written some important notes to note before you start "digging" diamonds. There will be a screen pop-ups which is more or less like this:

diamond vault ml rules

From these notes, the things you should pay attention to are points number 2 to number 5, which are important notes for you to consider when you want to dig diamonds.

Referring to rule number 2, diamonds that you spend (both 50 and 225) will be accumulated inside games so that it will be returned later player participating as one rewards. In other words, there will be a "partial return on investment" for you.

Usually, events it will last for 5 days only with rewards different for each session. In January 2022, Diamond Vault ML has started since January 15th and will end this January 20th.

diamond vault ml reward 2019

If you don't get rewards from events this, at least you will get a lot fragments, trial cards, or exclusive cards to dig diamonds. In 2019, for example, reward legend from events this is skins Vexana, Harley and Jawhead.

As for the percentage rewards what you will get the most is the normal reward (96.5%). These normal gifts usually include fragments and trial heroes certain.

If you are ambitious for a gift Legend or Epic, you have to be patient because the percentages are very small, namely 2% and 1.5%.

That means, you may need top up in large quantities if you want the main prize.

Conversely, you can also rely on your luck to get prizes epic and legends the. If you're unlucky, you should limit your digging so you can save diamonds for rewards another.

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Updates Present Diamond Vault January 2022

In Diamond Vault events ML from 15 to 20 January, you have the chance to get epic skins Freya War Angel which was released in 2017 ago and is included in limited skins.

diamond vault ml reward 2022

Previously, Moonton had also released epic skins Freya as a member SABER Squad. If you're lucky, this January could give you two skins Freya.

Besides skins Freya, you also have a chance to get skins special Lylia Future Star and elite skins Wanwan Shojo Commander. Although not the main prize, second skins it's quite expensive if you buy it directly at shop.

For epic rewardsher, you have a chance to get Pigoneer skinsits Diggie, Moonlight Sonataits Gusion and Glass Blades Natalia.

Actually, you can buy all three skins it's right on shop, but there is nothing wrong if you come three skins it's time to dig.

diamond vault ml reward 2022 2

Normal rewards from Diamond Vault events this time is rare fragments, hero fragments, frame avatars valentines event Esmeralda – Khufra ago, and material more that you can collect to buy heroes or for upgrades certain.

What if you can't get all of that? The only way is top up to get a lot diamonds. If you can't, you better just follow events this is if you're sure you can take it home at least epic rewards or half of the accumulation diamonds.

According to the rules events this, diamonds what you spend will be saved for Diamond Vault events the next ML. Maybe in events next, you get reward legend.

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That's the discussion about Diamond Vault which he said only the sultan could follow. This statement is not wrong because you really have to top up to get diamonds.

But, you can also participate with diamonds Under 100 or 50, how come Vicigers, as long as you keep an eye on your priorities!

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