SLR Vs Mini-14 PUBG: Which Marksman Rifle is Better?

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Mini-14 PUBG and SLR are the two most popular and favorite DMRs. But which one is better and more suitable for you? See the comparison here.

PUBG Mobile DMR is a popular and useful weapon category for long-range combat. Mini-14 PUBG and SLR are two of the most popular and favorite DMRs in the game.

But which one is better and more suitable for you? Let's compare and take a better weapon to win the Chicken Dinner.

Comparison of SLR Vs Mini-14 PUBG

This DMR is powerful to a certain extent. However, they have many significant differences that you should consider when choosing which weapon to use.

Reload Capacity And Duration

Mini-14 PUBG

In terms of capacity, Mini-14 PUBG wins because it can hold 20 to 30 bullets with an extended mag. Meanwhile, the ammo capacity of an SLR is only 10 to 20 bullets when you mount the extended mag.

In particular, you can use AR mag or SR mag for this weapon. Having said that, both rifles are quite versatile. Moreover, SLR and Mini-14 PUBG have a reload duration of 2.5s without a quick-draw mag.

Recoil And Firing Speed

Mini-14 PUBG

PUBG Mini-14 is more balanced and stable than SLR. That's because SLRs have a better rate of fire. The time between two consecutive shots in an SLR is 0.1 seconds while it is 0.1333 seconds. Although the gap is not large, it also makes the SLR's recoil even higher.

In addition, Mini-14 PUBG has the highest initial bullet velocity in the DMR category which can reach up to 990m/s. While the initial speed of the SLR bullet is 840m/s.

However, in long-range combat, the bullet speed of PUBG's Mini-14 drops dramatically. At a distance of 1000m, the bullet speed of the PUBG Mini-14 drops to 295m/s while in the SLR it is 320m/s. Therefore, SLRs have a longer effective range.

Both DMRs have only one fire mode, namely single. A player can master both of these weapons by tapping quickly.

The Mini-14 has less recoil compared to the SLR. A player can master this weapon's recoil pattern on the training ground by changing the sensitivity setting.


Mini-14 PUBG

Mini-14 PUBG uses 5.56mm bullets while SLR uses 7.62mm bullets which have a higher bullet penetration. Moreover, the SLR has a better rate of fire.

Therefore, the SLR's base damage is quite high. You can incapacitate enemies in mid-range combat in just 2 head shots.

In terms of hit damage, SLR is one of the most effective DMRs in the game. The SLR has high hit damage and can take down enemies with just two headshots. Mini-14 has less damage.

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Mini-14 PUBG

Since the PUBG Mini-14 is more stable, you don't need to install a compensator into it. Conversely, pro players often use flash hiders or suppressors to hide their positions. But the SLR is a bit difficult to control, so you will need a compensator to shoot better in long range combat.

Also, you'll need an extended quick-draw mag (either AR or SR) and a long range scope for both of these DMRs.

Scope 6x will be the best choice for medium and long range fights. Additionally, use cheek pads to reduce gun recoil for SLRs.

The Mini-14 PUBG has lower recoil and a larger capacity than the SLR, while the SLR deals more hit damage per bullet and has a better rate of fire. Therefore, if you can control the SLR's high recoil, it is one of the best weapons available in the game.

PUBG Mobile is popular for its HD graphics and diverse in-game dynamics, which provides players with an extraordinary battle royale experience.

There are various types of weapons available in the game, and one of them is the DMR or Designated Marksman Rifle.

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PUBG Mobile players can even use 8x scopes in this weapon, and they generally deal more damage than regular Assault Rifles.

In this article, we have discussed some of the differences between the Mini14 and the above SLRs. Now, make your own choice.

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