Should know! These are Tips for Playing on the New PUBG Aftermath Map

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PUBG Mobile 1.8 has introduced a new unranked battle royale map called Aftermath PUBG. See how to play in the new Aftermath PUBG map here.

Apart from the collaboration with Spiderman: No Way Home, PUBG Mobile 1.8 also introduces a new unranked battle royale map called Aftermath PUBG.

This new map has many features that have never existed before. See how to play in the new Aftermath PUBG map below.

PUBG Aftermath maps

PUBG Aftermath

PUBG's new Aftermath map is available to download and enjoy in Unrated mode. The file size of this map is 147MB, including the new map and firearm mechanic. You can view information about the new map and introduction to this gameplay as well as the trailer for this map when you download it.

Aftermath PUBG is a new version of Livik. The volcanic eruption at this location has melted the snow on the northern route and made the terrain change drastically. For example, urban areas were massively destroyed and houses damaged. In addition, the grass was burnt to dust. So. easier to find enemies.

On the surface, it's basically a reimagining of Livik. However, the terrain in this small area of 2×2 km has been completely changed due to bomb explosions and volcanic eruptions.

As a result, the urban area and play zones in the new map have been reduced, making it easier for players to identify their opponents. Livik already requires fast-paced gameplay, but decreasing urban areas can lead to more shooting and fighting.

In addition, this map has many additions that change the gameplay, such as:

  • AC Core Module: increases aim assist and control but reduces damage.
  • Supply Shop: use tokens to exchange weapons, armor, attachments, etc.
  • Recall mechanic: allows players to remember fallen teammates to return to the map.
  • Platform Zipline: allows players to move around the map more quickly.

After downloading it, you can play unranked matches alone or with friends.

Tips for Playing on the PUBG Aftermath Map

PUBG Aftermath

Since the new map Aftermath has a lot of changes, it also changes the gameplay in a big way. You need some tips and tricks to play well in this place. Here are some must-know tips for PUBG Mobile players on Aftermath version 1.8.

Always loot Shop tokens to exchange for decent supplies, such as weapons and armor. These shops will give you high-quality weapons and supplies much faster than looting in these places. You can also get the item you are looking for without having to move too much.

You must have a ranged weapon, such as a designated sniper or AWM. These weapons are more useful in this new location because the grass is removed. Later, ranged combat was more frequent.

Loot or with 4x scope or 6x scope to see and aim at enemies in long range combat. Because many of the walls, grass, and trees were removed by the volcanic eruption, you have a greater view and can see other players more easily.

You can hide around the Recall, Supply Shops, or Zipline mechanics. Many players come to this place to buy supplies, remember fallen teammates, or try out the new Zipline. Find a safe location to hide and attack enemies suddenly.

When summoning teammates, you must use the Riot Shield to create a solid cover because this machine is placed in open ground.

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Using smoke can catch the attention of other players and put you in danger. Remote enemies may attack and shoot bullets into the smoke to kill you.

PUBG Mobile rarely misses the mark when it comes to implementing the game-changing upgrades and features that have catapulted the game to where it is today.

Going along with this, the 1.8 update brings a lot of adjustments and improvements that will undoubtedly improve the battle royale experience.

After the 1.8 update, a new Classic Mode map called Aftermath PUBG has been launched. It is accessible under the unranked section and combines various unique and new elements to provide an experience like never before.

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Those are some tips and rules that you should know when playing in the new Aftermath PUBG Mobile 1.8 map. Many other unrated BR maps are also available to play and enjoy now.

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