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Recently there was a game Battle Royale new arrivals. Games it's called Sigma and this game is very similar to FF. Even so, Sigma's popularity is quite high too, you know!

Recently there is a new Battle Royale game coming out not long ago, this game is called Sigma and this game is very similar to FF.

Even so, Sigma's popularity is quite high too, you know!

Previously, this Sigma game became a byword for gamers. Apart from that this game is very similar to FF (Free Fire) courtesy of Garena.

Here we will discuss about the Sigma game. For those who don't know about this game, it would be nice to be able to read the article below.

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Sigma FF

Sigma FF (1)
SIGMA (Source: DIY News)

Actually the name of this game is not Sigma FF, but the name of this game is Sigma. However, many people call it because it duplicates Free Fire.

However, shortly after its release in November 2022, this game was deleted by Google due to duplicating Free Fire.

However, the game was re-released in December 2022 and now the FF-like Sigma is back on the Google Play Store.

With the re-release of this game, it has several features and improved counter maps which are very high quality.

Actually, Sigma is quite interesting because it's not like FF online. However, this game can be played offline for single player. If players want to play multiplayer, it must be done online.

Players can use the wood around the Sigma Game Map as a shelter from enemies.

However, lately Sigma has become the talk of gamers again because this game received a stern warning from Garena.

It should also be noted, the reason for getting a warning from Garena is because the Sigma game really steals from several sides, such as Maps, Characters, Items and so on.

Now, after getting a warning like that, Sigma cannot be found on the Google Play Store or App Store and cannot use the server either.

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Who is the Creator of Sigma FF?

Sigma FF (1)
Skin Character (Source: FIN)

With Sigma FF removed from all App Stores, someone must have created this game. Then, who is the creator of this game?

Actually, Sigma similar to FF was created by Studio Arm Private Limited which is engaged in battle royale games originating from Portugal because this game is predominantly in Portuguese.

This game developer is still quite new, but unexpectedly the game is quite popular among gamers.

The reason is, in just 48 hours this game has been downloaded more than 1 million times, so the name of this developer has become famous too.

The reason for Sigma's popularity, as we know this game really duplicates FF, so this is being widely discussed by Free Fire players.

The Gameplay

Even though this game has been deleted, and for those of you who are still curious about the gameplay, Sigma is a war or battle game where players have to fight against enemies.

The strategy used by the players is to use weapons that can help you defend yourself and shoot enemies.

As a player, of course, you must have a strategy on how to survive until the end of the game.

With the choice of characters and weapons that are suitable for the battle situation being faced, of course this is one of the player's strategies to be able to win this Sigma battle.

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That's information from Sigma which is similar to this FF battle royale game. Kin, already know who the developer of the game is.

It's quite unfortunate, actually this game has a lot of fans. However, due to duplication issues, it was eventually deleted.

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