Ragnarok Origin Priest Equipment Recommendations

Recommended Equipment Priests

Priest equipment recommendations are for those of you who like a balance between defense and attack. After all, those of you who like to support sports teams will feel at home using Priest. 

Priest is a very important role in Ragnarok games origin. So the only healer, the High Priestess, matters in most boss fights in PVP. 

Unfortunately, many people may still be confused about how to make one that will accidentally kill wild animals to high.

Of course, when leveling up, focus on recruiting new healers as you become high priestess. When you've just taken on the role of a sidekick and become a priest, make it a priority if you can grow into a character that can at least level well. 

Even though he was a healer, the high priest interfered with the power of the priests and priests, which could be really destructive. So, here are the best Ragnarok Origin Priest equipment recommendations that you can use.

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Get to know Job Priest Ragnarok Origin

Recommended Equipment Priests
Ragnarok Origin Priests. Source: Reddit.

Ragnarok Origin Priest is the next level of the Acolyte role. After reaching level 40, an acolyte can go to the NPC High Bishop in the church, Prontera, to become a priest. 

Converting an acolyte into a priest requires completing several tasks, such as a purity test, pilgrimage, and attempted exorcism.

Priests practiced magic to fight evil. This unique role does not usually involve offensive power and is usually support on the team. 

Even if you are not in the front, you must know the situation of the group and the environment around it. This service is suitable for players who like a lot of work to make sure the party is safe and lively. 

When becoming a priest, even though you can immediately become a support, make sure to modify this decision in consideration of your teammates. 

If playing alone, you will need more damage than healing or buffs. Because almost all Priest skills are in the form of Holy damage, you have to hunt monsters.

Like Drainliar, Mummy and Munak use the abilities Turn Undead and Magnus Exorcimus. Later, it will be possible to play just to earn EXP.

When you are in the position of high priest, you must change professions to support it. Of course you no longer need Magnus Exorcimus and Turn Undead. 

Make sure to level up the Shrine as this ability will be one of the mistakes you make when fighting a team to heal while doing little damage.

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Ragnarok Origin Priest Equipment Recommendations

Recommended Equipment Priests
Ragnarok Origin's Priest Equipment. Source: BlueStacks.

Priest equipment recommendations can use support that is suitable for F2P (free to play) players. Full gear support including shadow gears and basic features (energy/speed). 

Screening increases the number of treatments, treatment duration, and reduces CD skills. Although basic features will reduce skill CD and casting time.

P2W Player (Pay to Win) often uses damage. Gear damage includes shadow gear which increases attack power and decreases skill CD. 

The basic features are MATK and MPen which increase damage. Here are the tips for Ragnarok Origin priests that you should pay attention to, starting from stats, skills and gear. 

Type support sometimes underestimated because the damage is not too painful and the defense is not as strong as the tank type. However, by building the right building, you can increase the attack power of the Priest.

The selection of weapons for a high priest is not as complicated as a work of art. To become a support, you need a true user of Croce, which can be upgraded through healers. 

This wand has an additional INT level and increases the healing ability of the Sanctuary, which is very useful for you. 

As an alternative, you can also choose a gentleman worker with additional INT, DEX and VIT levels which are more suitable for clerics. 

You can get this weapon from the Owl Duke boss at the end of the game at level 80-90. In addition to this selection of weapons, it's also important to bring Priest equipment that focuses on INT, DEX, and VIT.

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