Compensator, Perfect for Weapons with High Recoil!


What's that Compensator?

Hola Vicigers! Inner compensator games Player Unknown's Battleground or what is often referred to as PUBG, they provide various kinds attachments which can be used by player to the weapons we use in order to maximize the power possessed by these weapons.

Before discussing further, let's get acquainted first, what it is compensator? Compensator itself is a attachments for weapons provided by PUBG.

Attachments this itself can be included in muzzle. Besides compensator, there are too muzzle others like flash hider and suppressors. Muzzle which is used is also one of a kind muzzle commonly used by the player PUBG.

Compensator this itself also has an effect on weapons with reduction recoil as many as 25%. There are various kinds compensator used, i.e. for type Assault Rifles (AR), Sub Machine Guns (SMGs), Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), and Sniper Rifles.

Separate function of attachments this one weapon is to dampen recoil generated from weapons that have recoil tall.

recoil what is meant here is the recoil that arises due to pressure originating from inside the bullet casing.

So that compensator This is very suitable for weapons that have levels recoil high like some guns that have brown bullets where the bullet is the strongest bullet inside games PUBG, for example, namely AKM and M762.

Compensator can balance recoil horizontally as much as 10% and recoil vertical as much as 15%. Compensator This itself is very suitable to be combined with weapons used in long-range combat.


However, attachments This one weapon also has a drawback, where if you are using it attachments this, then muzzle flash you will become clearly visible to the enemy.

The following is a complete description of the pressure that can be lowered by attachments this one weapon, including:

  • recoil horizontal: 10%
  • recoil vertical: 15%
  • Bullet spread: 10%
  • Pattern recoil: 25%

How to get attachments this one weapon itself through looting at some point on folder available in this PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game. if a player not found compensator, then instead they will use flash hider.

Compatible Weapons Compensator

Because compensator has a damping function recoil from a high weapon, in this section we will discuss, what are theanyway the right weapon to match attachments this one weapon. See what's next, OK!


This AKM type weapon is famous for having recoil which is quite high. Install attachments This one weapon is one of the obligations of a person player if you want the beat produced from this AKM to be tidier.


According to some people this weapon is a suitable weapon if added compensator attachments. This is because by installing attachments this one weapon will make this weapon more stable if used at long distances.

M762 or Beryl

Furthermore, mandatory weapons such as AKM to be paired attachments this one weapon, namely the M762. Equivalent to AKM, this weapon also has recoil which is quite tall and will make quite a splash if you don't pair up attachments this one weapon.

When is the Right Time to Use a Compensator?

There are certain situations to be able to use attachments This one weapon is seen from all its advantages and disadvantages. What kind of situation is suitable?

Attachments this one weapon can be used by player when in combat from medium to long range with weapons that have recoil which is quite high. Attachments This one weapon is also suitable for other types of weapons full auto or semi auto.

For this type of weapon full auto i.e. the example is the M16A4 weapon, while for the gun full auto one example is the M416.

However, if you don't like it attachments this one weapon used as attachments, then you can use ambush if the way you play is to carry out a sneak attack.

Meanwhile, if you prefer to play using the method stealth or which is interpreted as a sudden attack, you guys better use suppressor or flash hider.

Now,, so that was the overall use of attachments this one weapon, guys.

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