M249 Comes with a Fantastic Number of Bullets!


About the M249 Weapon

As we know, the weapons provided are complete by the game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or what we usually refer to as PUBG, has types of weapons that match the state of military weapons in the real world with a variety of different characteristics.

One of the weapons that attracts the attention of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players is one of them Light Machine Guns or LMG stands for. There are several types of weapons with this type of LMG, one of which is the M249.

M249 is a weapon that belongs to this type of weapon Light Machine Guns (LMG) or submachine gun in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Previously this weapon was named M249 Squad Automatic Weapons (SAW) or Team Automatic Weapons.

The M249 is also one of the favorite weapons for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or PUBG players because the operation is fairly easy.

With its large size, this weapon has an effect damage comparable. It is said that this weapon is one of the suitable weapons to use if you want to kill an enemy who is in a vehicle by destroying it.

In terms of resistance when dueling with enemies, of course this M249 weapon will be far superior. That's because a weapon of this size certainly has a bullet capacity that deserves thumbs up, so it doesn't require this weapon to be used reload continously.

However, even though it has quite a lot of capacity, this causes this weapon to be relatively slow when firing.reload.

If you are dealing with an enemy and find that your ammunition runs out, then you must replace it with a backup weapon as soon as possible so you don't get killed. The time this weapon spent on me-reload range for 7 seconds.


Just like AWM, it doesn't require folder specifically to find it, this M249 weapon can only be found through Airdrop Box Supply and Flare Guns just. That's how it was implemented, making this weapon one of the weapons that is quite special.

However, not all Air Drop Box Supply contains the weapon, yes! So you have to be more active in your search Airdrop Box Supply and Flare Guns to increase your chances of finding the weapon.

Because at least attachments which can be used to create a player Those who use this weapon must be equipped with skills right.

In order to take advantage of what is provided by the M249 weapon, we as player must use it properly and as well as possible. There are several ways you can do to maximize the use of this submachine gun.

Specifications Owned by M249

Just like any other weapon. The M249 has its own specifications. Talking about the specifications of the M249, this weapon can be called an ordinary weapon. Seen from damage-nya, this weapon is included in the average damage owned by AR.

damage owned by this weapon has a value of 43 points. This weapon has a type of bullet measuring 5.56 mm, with a capacity magazines as many as 100 bullets which is the advantage of this weapon.

In addition, this weapon also has rate of fire which is high enough to make this weapon one of the weapons that has fire rate fastest.

How to Use it Properly

Make sure to always carry excess bullets

Because this weapon has capacity magazines as many as 100 bullets, making this weapon require excess bullets to prepare reserves. If currently using the M249, a player must carry a minimum of 300 bullets to the end games.

Use it to destroy the enemy's vehicle

Enemies can come from all directions using the vehicles they use. To find safety, destroy enemy vehicles using this M249.

Fight enemies at close range

One of the techniques that can be used to develop a strategy in shooting at close range can be done with technique shoot and drag and semi tapping.

Use burst mode in shooting

Because it has recoil which is high enough to make us have to use burst mode while shooting. Don't do brutal or continuous shots because it can make our bullets run away and not hit the opponent's target.

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