The 5 Most Painful Weapon Combinations in FF Max February 2022

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As a player, of course you have to use the worst combination of weapons in the game FF Max February 2022 to be able to get Booyah.

Like every Battle Royale game, Free Fire MAX players have the freedom to use two main weapons and one secondary weapon to defend themselves. From AR to snipers, you can mix and match a wide variety of primary weapons.

Choosing the most effective one can be a bit of a challenge, especially for beginners. Therefore, here are the sickest FF Max February 2022 weapon combinations that you can choose from.

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List of the Painful Weapon Combos in FF Max February 2022


FF Max February

This FF Max February 2022 combination of weapons can only be used for short to medium range combat. PARAFAL, as an AR, has a medium range and good movement speed which is beneficial for mid-range combat.

The M1887 is the deadliest shotgun out of the four available in FF MAX February 2022. With a damage rating of 100, the magazine is the only negative point, which is why you should have good accuracy when using this weapon for short range combat.


FF Max February

The SMG (Sub-automatic Machine Gun) and LMG (Light Machine Gun) combination is underestimated in Battle Royale games but it pays off well. VECTOR is one of the best SMGs with a reasonable rate of fire and excellent movement speed.

The M249 is a heavy weapon that should only be used when there are multiple enemies at once. This weapon has a good range, and you should always reload it as reloading takes time due to the magazine capacity.


FF Max February

AR with sniper is a classic combination in Battle Royale matches. Groza has a good range and has a decent rate of fire, damage rate, and movement speed to perform well at mid-range.

AWM is the most favorite sniper rifle in FF Max February 2022 and is often found in drop loot.

This weapon has excellent range, damage rate, accuracy and is equipped with an 8x scope, making it the best sniper this game has to offer.

The AWM, on the other hand, is arguably the best Sniper to use in FF MAX February 2022. This weapon helps you deal damage at longer distances with accuracy and, therefore, can be helpful to pair with Groza.

MP5 + KAR98K

FF Max February

MP5 is one of the best SMGs in FF Max February 2022. This popular weapon has an excellent rate of fire, reload speed, movement speed, and magazine, which makes it deadly in close combat.

The MP5 is best paired with a sniper for those of you who are interested in long-range combat. KAR98K is a classic rifle that has great damage range and accuracy.

The MP5 favors one-shot or two-shot kills, and can easily be used to take out multiple enemies with good movement.

You'll need to have some experience handling both weapons, which is the only downside to the combination. Therefore, these two weapons are the deadliest in the hands of seasoned players in FF Max February 2022.

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MP40 + AUG

FF Max February

The MP40 is one of the most popular weapons, and you can improve their stats using the various skins that appear in the game. The rate of fire and the movement speed of the weapon should be appreciated.

Pairing the MP40 with an AR like AUG will allow you to finish off enemies quickly. AUG has good movement speed and a decent rate of fire, damage, reloading speed and accuracy.

AUG has one of the best fire rates in the Assault Rifle (AR) category. This weapon is one of the best options to use in medium or close range combat with the amount of damage it deals with a high rate of fire.

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Those were some of the weapons with the best combinations for you to use in FF Max February 2022. Don't let you lose to other players' combos.

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