Chrono, Dimitri And Wolfrahh FF, Who's The Best?

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Chrono, Dimitri and Wolfrahh FF are the characters Free Fire frequently used. Which of the three is the best? Is Wolfrahh FF or something else?

Free Fire's BR mode is the ultimate battleground for players. Be it solo or squad mode, the combat is intense and only the best from the lobby make it to the end. Unfortunately, the player or squad that performs the best ends up winning.

While skills, weapon skins, and pets play an important role in securing Booyah, character plays the most important part. Without a strong character, you won't be able to get through the early game.

While there are many to choose from, Chrono, Dimitri, and Wolfrahh FF stand out from the crowd. Their abilities fit perfectly into the BR mode and can help players bag the Booyah.

Comparison of Chrono Skills, Dimitri and Wolfrahh FF

Characters and their unique skills play an important role on the battlefield as they give them special abilities on the battlefield.

There are almost 42 characters available in the game at the moment and the developers are dropping new characters with every new update. You have to be careful when choosing your character because it can decide whether you win or lose the game.


Wolfrah FF

Chrono's skill, Time Turner, provides protection to the user by creating a force field. When activated, a force field appears and can absorb 800 damage.

Once inside the force field, the user cannot fire outside. After being active for six seconds, the force field dissipates and has a cooldown period of 120 seconds.

After the Free Fire OB31 update, Chrono is limited to a defensive role. Its force field can help keep an entire army safe when under heavy fire. Even though it has a long cooldown time, in certain situations, it is more useful than a gloo wall.


Wolfrah FF

Dimitri's skill, Healing Heartbeat, gave the user a support skill. Once activated, those with ability aura recover 3 HP/sec and can heal themselves. This ability lasts for 15 seconds and is followed by a cooldown period of 60 seconds.

Whereas at the maximum level (level 6) all attributes remain the same but the skill usage time increases from 10 seconds to 15 seconds and the cool down time decreases to 60 seconds.

Dimitri is a support character like no other in Free Fire. Thanks to his abilities, teammates can revive themselves when knocked down.

This allows the rest of the squad to keep fighting without having to stop and helps them get to their feet. In addition, the healing ability will ensure that all teammates can passively heal easily.

Wolfrah FF

Wolfrah FF

Wolfrahh FF's skill, Limelight, allows the user to deal more damage to opponents and take less damage from in-game headshots.

As the user gains kills or viewers, their abilities become stronger. At its peak, it reduces head injuries by 30 percent and increases damage dealt to enemy limbs by 20 percent.

Wolfrahh FF is the perfect character for players who have an aggressive playing style. Its abilities give them an edge in battle and allow the user to survive devastating head shots.

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Wolfrah FF

Choosing among these Free Fire characters will be difficult given their unique abilities. However, considering its usability in BR mode, Dimitri and Wolfrahh FF are best for squad and solo players respectively.

Dimitri is a great character whose abilities affect the entire squad. This gives them a tactical advantage during firefights.

Wolfrahh FF, on the other hand, is great for solo players who like an aggressive playstyle. While both can be used for solos and squads, they work better when used as stated above.

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That's the comparison between Chrono, Dimitri and Wolfrahh FF. Of the three Free Fire characters, which one is Vicigers' mainstay?

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