5 PUBG Weapons for Solo Vs Squad in February 2022

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Squad Mode is the most popular mode in PUBG Mobile. However, many players like to play solo Vs Squad. In this post, we will discuss the 5 best weapons for solo vs Squad in February 2022.

Most players play with their own squad, there are some players who try to improve their playing experience by playing Solo vs Squad matches.

Weapons play an important role in the game as they help players kill opponents on their way to the 'Chicken Dinner'.

Players who play Solo vs Squad matches often lose because they choose the wrong weapon. Therefore, you must know which weapon is best to use in such a situation.

List of the Best Weapons for Solo vs Squad PUBG


Solo Vs Squads

M416 is reportedly the most popular weapon among PUBG players. Its stability and rate of fire stats are more than any AR in the game, helping you to take down approaching enemies with laser-like shots.

The M416 has been used effectively in close combat involving solo vs squad situations by many YouTubers and professional players.

The M416 is certainly the best weapon in the game. Whether it's melee, medium range or long range, these two weapons are very deadly if used properly. AR ii can be used for both short and long range combat.

This AR is widely used by PUBG esports players with high efficiency. Since this AR has been updated a lot, this weapon has become a favorite of many people.


Those of you who play Solo vs Squad matches will greatly benefit from this weapon as you can have all aspects of gun play covered with the M416.

UP 45

Solo Vs Squads

Since this weapon was revamped by the developer, which resulted in the ammo changing from 9mm to .45 ACP, the UMP 45 has become one of the deadliest weapons in close combat.

Therefore, players who are most likely to enter a Solo vs Squad match, can equip weapons to easily kill a squad.

UMP45 Weapon Facts, Regarded as the King of Close Range Fighters in PUBG Mobile. In the latest update, PUBG Mobile has changed its name to UMP45, apart from that this weapon has also replaced the ammunition with the 0.45 ACP type which is usually used for P1911 and R45 type pistols.


Solo Vs Squads

Groza is a Russian manufacturer of bullpup weapons. The name Groza itself turns out to be the nickname of this weapon, which Groza here means Thunderstorm or Lightning Storm.

Even though this weapon is quite new and is a formidable PUBG weapon, in fact Groza is quite good at the PUBG game.

Using 7.62mm ammo, Groza is an exclusive airdrop weapon in PUBG. A melee beast, this weapon is known for dealing heavy damage to enemies, taking them down with ease.

With a base damage of 47, Groza has proven to be a deadly weapon in Solo vs Squad matches.


Solo Vs Squads

Uzi has always been considered as a mainstay weapon for Solo vs Squad matches. However, the buff received by the gun which sees its magazine carry 35 rounds, has made the gun more useful for such scenarios.

The body blow of as many as 5,000 people stunned the enemy, knocking the enemy down in an instant.

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Solo Vs Squads

AKM is among the AR weapons with the highest damage in PUBG Mobile, ahead of other popular ARs including M416, SCAR-L, and Beryl M762. This weapon is very deadly for duels at close range, but the main weakness of the AKM weapon is its very high vertical recoil.

AKM is one of the main weapons used in Solo vs Squad matches. Despite having high recoil, AKM is known to have high damage against opponents.

Since this weapon requires minimal attachments and can be found in all classic mode maps in PUBG, you can equip yourself with AKM.

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Those are the 5 best weapons for solo vs squad matches at PUBG Mobile in February 2022. Of all the ones we have mentioned, which one do you think is the best?

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