Cheat Read Dead Redemption 2 or RDR2 Most Complete 2024

RDR2 Cheats

Read Dead Redemption 2 or RDR2 is a game made by Rockstar that you can play using cheats. 

As we know, games made by Rockstar, such as GTA or Bully you can actually use cheats. And it turns out you can also play other games like RDR2 using cheats.

However, there is something that differentiates RDR2 cheats from other Rockstar game cheats, namely that not all of them can be unlocked instantly and require special requirements. 

Apart from that, in the game Read Dead Redemption 2, when you use cheats you will get the effect of not being able to save the game and receive trophies.

Currently, there are many cheat codes for the RDR2 game scattered on the internet.

And in this article we will summarize for you a collection of RDR2 game cheats.

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Collection of RDR2 Cheats

RDR2 Cheats
RDR2 Cheats. Source: Rockstar

Below is a collection of Red Dead Redemption 2 cheat codes that you can use:

  • A simple life, a beautiful death – get the standard weapon set
  • Death is silence – get a silent/traditional weapon set
  • Greed is American Virtue – get heavy weapons set (buy newspaper after completing “Advertising, the New American Art” mission in chapter 3)
  • History is written by fools – get a special weapon in the Gunslinger mission
  • Abudance is the dullest desire – unlimited ammunition (can be obtained by buying newspapers starting from chapter 1)
  • Greed is now a virtue – get USD 500
  • You long for sight and see nothing – opens the entire game arena (buy the newspaper after completing the mission “Blodd Feuds, Ancient, Modern” in chapter 3)
  • Vanities. All is vanity – opens all outfits or clothing sets
  • Eat of knowledge – unlocks all crafting recipes
  • Share – unlocks all camp or base upgrades
  • You want punishment – increases wanted level
  • You want freedom – lowers wanted level
  • Would you be happier as a clown? – spawns a circus horse-drawn carriage (buy the newspaper after completing the Epilogue mission)
  • Keep your dreams light – spawns a mini horse-drawn carriage
  • Keep your dreams simple – bringing out a horse-drawn carriage
  • The best of the old ways – bringing out horse-drawn carriages
  • You are a beast built for war – spawns a war horse (buy a newspaper after completing the Epilogue mission)
  • Guide me better – unlocks Dead Eye Level 1 skill
  • Make me better – unlocks Dead Eye Level 2 skill
  • I shall be better – unlocks Dead Eye Level 3 skill
  • I still seek more – unlocks Dead Eye Level 4 skill
  • Be greedy only for foresight – permanent Dead Eye skill
  • You flourish before you die – full of blood, stamina and Dead Eye
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How to Use Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats

How to Use Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats
How to Use Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats. Source: VCGamers

How to use cheats in the Red Dead Redemption 2 game is quite easy, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Pause the game, then enter the Settings menu.
  • For PC users, you can click the Shift button on the keyboard, while on PS4 click the triangle button, and for Xbox One controllers to enter the cheat menu.
  • Select “Enter Cheat” and a notification will appear if the cheat you entered is open and can be used.
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So, that's the list of Red Dead Redemption 2 cheat codes and how to use them. Hopefully this article can be useful and helpful!

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