Best Character for Player Bar Bar in Free Fire MAX 2021

The Best Character for Player Bar Bar in Free Fire MAX 2021

Check out the best characters for bar bar players at Free Fire MAX who prefer aggressive gameplay. This character's ability is very useful for those of you who like to play bars in FF Max.

Free Fire MAX shares the same character collection as Garena Free Fire. Like in Free Fire, the characters in Free Fire MAX also have unique skills.

One of them is suitable for bar bar players. For those of you who like to play bars, check out the Free Fire MAX characters that are suitable for aggressive gameplay.

Aggressive Characters in Free Fire Max For Player Bar Bar

For Vicigers friends who like to play aggressively, aka bar bar players, take a look at some of the following characters that are perfect for your playing nature.


Luqueta is an aggressive character in Free Fire MAX with his Hat Trick skill. This is useful for bar bar players as it helps increase max 10 to 50 HP per kill at levels 1 to 6. Therefore, you should upgrade this character to get more HP when you kill enemies.

The more enemies you kill, the more HP you recover. This allows you to engage continuously without having to stop to heal. So, Luqueta is one of the best characters for bar bar players to clutch in 1v4 situations.


Wolfrahh is another character for bar bar player in Free Fire MAX with his Limelight skill. This skill can help reduce the headshot damage you receive from enemies by 3 to 25 percent.

Apart from that, you can still kill enemies when shooting their limbs because the damage will increase by 3-15 percent. This will certainly be very useful for bar bar players. You can last longer to get more kills and get a Booyah push rank.

DJ Alok

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DJ Alok is one of the best characters for bar bar mode. His 'Drop the Beat' skill is magical and quite good for aggressive gameplay, as he can create a 5m aura which helps increase this character's movement speed by 10 percent.

Apart from that, it also helps heal the character's HP. You can heal 5 HP per second in 5 seconds. In other words, this character will recover 25 HP every time you activate the skill. So, you don't need to back off and use a medkit while fighting.


The special skill 'Xtreme Encounter' from Xayne also has a healing effect which is very necessary for bar player bar. Heals 80 HP for this character.

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Apart from that, this character can also increase damage to shields and Gloo Walls by 40 percent. But the CD is quite long, up to 150 seconds even though it only lasts 10 seconds.

You can use this character or combine Xayne's skills with other characters to use when attacking enemies hiding behind the shield.


Shani has the useful Gear Recycle skill. This skill restores armor durability by 10 percent after every time you kill. So, bar bar players can avoid being shot by wearing a broken military vest after a fierce battle.

With extra durability, you can also upgrade your set armor to level 3. So, you will be better protected, especially in hot-drop locations and final zone fights.

As you get closer to the final circle, you meet more skilled enemies and engage in more dangerous battles. You need good equipment and protection to survive and win every battle.

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That's the list of the best characters for bar players in Free Fire Max 2021. By using these characters, you can get more kills. Just choose one as your character in FF Max.

Interestingly, you can also combine some of the characters above to produce the aggressive gameplay you have. So, which one do you choose, Vicigers friends?

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