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M1 Champion

After the tournament M4 yesterday has made fans of the game Mobile Legends more increasing. These new fans want to know the history of the M Series tournament about who won M1 as its predecessor tournament.

Well, maybe you are one of them. If you are curious about how the M Series tournament flashback went, VCGamers News will share information about the M1 Champion List and data. Watch the article until it's finished!

M Series Mobile Legends Tournament

List of M1 Series Champions
M Series Tournament.

The M1 Champion himself is included in the M Series Mobile Legends tournament. The M Series Tournament is an international scale tournament that brings together great MLBB teams from various countries.

The M Series tournament is also known to provide prizes with fantastic value in each series. The teams that compete are always dominated by teams from Asian countries which are the main market share for MLBB games.

The high excitement and enthusiasm of the game is what causes this tournament to be held by Moonton every year. Until finally, the M1 championship was held as the first M Series tournament and was followed by subsequent editions.

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List of M1 Champions

The M1 Championship as the first M Series was held on 10 November 2019. The tournament was located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and ended on 17 November 2019. There are names of teams that have won the tournament.

The first winner in the tournament was won by Evos Legends. However, the names of other teams also managed to print their names in the standings for second, third, and so on. Here is the winner data in the M1 MLBB championship.

First M1 Champion


Champion 1 M World Series MLBB, M5 Mobile Legends
Champion 1 M World Series MLBB.

Evos Legends is the first winner in the M1 tournament. The team bearing the tiger logo managed to lift the championship trophy after defeating RRQ Hoshi in the final. With these results, EVOS Legends managed to bring home a prize of USD 80,000.

Second M1 Champion


rrq, Champion 3 M4
RRQ Hoshi Team.

RRQ Hoshi bear witness to the ferocity of the team EVOS Legends in the finals. They swallowed a score of 3-0 defeat. Even so, RRQ Hoshi still deserves it champion prize Second M1 of USD40,000.

Third M1 Champion

TODAK Malaysia
Malaysian Todak Team,

The Malaysian team with the name Swordfish managed to come out as the Third M1 champion after being defeated by RRQ Hoshi in the Lower Bracket Final match with a score of 3-1. As the third winner, the Todak team managed to bring home a prize of USD 20,000.

Overall M1 Champion Data

  • Evos Legends, 1st place with a prize of USD 80,000.
  • RRQ Hoshi, 2nd place with a prize of USD40,000.
  • Todak, 3rd Place with a prize of USD20,000.
  • Burmese Ghoul, 4th place with a prize of USD 12,000.
  • Sunsparks, 5th place with a prize of USD 8,000.
  • 10s Gaming Plus, 6th place with USD.8000 in prizes.
  • VEC Fantasy Main, 7th Place with a USD 6,000 prize pool.
  • Axis Esport, 8th place with a prize of USD 6,000.
  • EVOS SG, 9th Place with a prize of USD4,000.
  • Team Gosu, 10th place with a prize of USD4,000.
  • Evil Esport, 11th place with a prize of USD4,000.
  • Onic PH, 12th Place with a prize of USD4,000.
  • Impunity KH, Champion 13 with a prize of USD3,000.
  • Candy Comeback, 14th place with a prize of USD3,000.
  • GeO Esport, 15th place with a prize of USD3,000.
  • Deus Vult, 16th Place with a prize of USD3,000.
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List of Teams Competing in M1

There are 16 teams that are trying to compete for the first M Series title. Each team that competed also came from a different country. The following is a list of teams participating in the M1 competition.

  • Evos Legends, Indonesia.
  • Evos SG, Singapore.
  • RRQ Hoshi, Singapore.
  • Sunsparks, Philippines.
  • Onic Esport PH, Philippines.
  • Todak, Malaysia.
  • Axis Esport, Malaysia.
  • Burmese Ghouls, Myanmar.
  • VEC Fantasy Main, Vietnam.
  • 10s Gaming Plus, Japan.
  • Impunity KH, Cambodia.
  • Candy Comeback, Laos.
  • Team Gosu, USA.
  • GeO Esport, Brazil.
  • Deus Vult, Russia.
  • Evil Esport, Turkey.
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Thus a brief discussion of the list of M1 champions that took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Get information about other Mobile Legends tournaments only at VCGamers News.

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