Best Weapon Recommendations in COD Mobile 2023

the best weapon in COD Mobile

Choose the best weapon in COD Mobile is one way to win the battle easily. In 2023, there are some of the best choices of weapons that you can use.

COD Mobile is one of them battle royale games popular available in all App Stores and Play Stores around the world. This game does have HD quality graphics, and offers players lots of modes and maps to play, with friends and teammates online.

Vicigers can use a variety of different weapons, from shotguns to sniper rifle, on the way to victory.

So, in this article, VCGamers will discuss recommendations for the best weapons in COD Mobile in 2023 that can lead to victory.

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List of the best weapons in COD Mobile 2023

Below are the 5 best weapons in COD Mobile in 2023 that you can use to get kills early and win battles easily.


HG40. Source: Youtube.

The first recommendation for the best weapon in COD Mobile in 2023 on the VCGamers list is the HG40 SubMachine Gun. This weapon has received many improvements with the Gunsmith Update on COD Mobile. I

It packs a solid level of damage, and deals reliable damage in close and medium range combat. Players can also use it for long range combat, because of its low recoil.


ASM10. Source: Youtube.

One of the most ferocious weapons in the game, the ASM10 is a semi-automatic assault rifle. The right weapon to beat in terms of accuracy, and is the perfect choice for mid-range combat in the COD Mobile game.

ASM10 is still the most powerful weapon, especially when used as a melee weapon. Because the value of ASM10 depends on the value of damage, accuracy, and also movement. 

From the stats it has, it can be seen that ASM10 has good damage, accuracy, and mobility values compared to other weapons. Besides that, the control value of this weapon is very good, so you can handle this weapon easily.


Locus. Source: Youtube.

With the latest buff to the Locus sniper rifle, this weapon has outdone all other weapons in its category. Pistols are one of the best ranged weapons in COD Mobile. 

Vicigers can take down opponents with just a single headshot at any range, which makes the Locus one of the more overpowered weapons in the game.

With the right support from Gunsmith Locus, you can use this weapon to destroy your enemies with one shot! Locus is often the base of mobile players in games. 

The Locus setting used in the rifle helps reduce recoil and bullet dispersion when fired. This way your shots when using Locus will be more accurate. Magazine capacity has been increased, so Vicigers can shoot more enemies.

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the best weapon in COD Mobile Man-O-War
Man-O-War. Source: Youtube.

A good weapon that you can use in Call of Duty Mobile is the Man-O-War rifle. With 75 base damage, it is the deadliest weapon in the game. 

This weapon boasts a decent rate of fire, as well as sharp laser accuracy, making it ideal for medium and close quarters combat.

Man-O-War is an assault-type weapon with special abilities. You can rely on this weapon to destroy enemies at close and medium range. 

This weapon also has a very heavy weight, so it can slightly restrict movement. However, if you use the original Man-O-War armorer, this drawback can be removed.


Echo, the best weapon in COD Mobile
echo. Source: Youtube.

One of the deadliest weapons in COD Mobile is the Echo shotgun. The weapon is capable of killing enemy players in one shot, if done correctly. 

The Echo shotgun deals great damage at close range with its semi-automatic abilities, but lacks the versatility for use in mid-range firefights in the game.

So, those were some of VCGamers's recommendations regarding the best weapons in COD Mobile in 2023. These five weapons have the best damage for each type of weapon.

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