Angela's Best Gameplay Tips in Mobile Legends 2022

Hero Angela's weakness

As usual, VCGamers will be back with ML tips. Here, we will discuss the best Angela gameplay tips on Mobile Legends 2022.

Angela's gameplay as a support hero is very dynamic throughout the game. Let's see how effective he can be in the early, mid, and late game. Our Angela gameplay guide covers the perfect game plan for victory in Mobile Legends. 

However, you must need a good understanding of the map to be able to master it properly.

Gameplay Angela MLBB

Early Game

Angela's gameplay
Early Game

This hero's first skill can be charged up to five times, so don't be afraid to spam early game skills to poke your enemies.

Also, it heals the team along with the minions so they can be aggressive to attack enemies because you heal them. 

Being annoying in the early game is very important for support heroes, because in the late game when enemies are fed, support heroes can die easily.

Your game in the early game focuses on helping core heroes and team heroes, in this phase you don't have to bother farming and also pushing turrets.

Mid Game

Angela's gameplay
Mid Game

Since the early game, Angela's gameplay has to participate in team battles. In the mid game, you should already have Fleeting time so you can use the ultimate more often. 

With a teammate who kills the most and supports him (no need to carry) because support's responsibility is to help get kills, not just babysitting.

Don't just focus on your own goals, you also have to look at the map and help the team that needs you.

Late Game

Angela's gameplay
Late Game

The late game is indeed the time that seems to lack Angela's gameplay. If you don't have any defensive items you will find them very easy to die so make sure you build Immortality.

He is one of the must-have members in late game team fights because his first skill significantly increases the damage received by opponents, making it easier for teammates to finish him off more easily.

Angela's gameplay is good against melee heroes that require them to be near her. You may realize that most of the heroes are regen or lifesteal.

Because you can reduce their regen with a Necklace of Durance, increase damage from teammates so they don't have a chance to regenerate, and immobilize them using skill 2.

Chances of winning team fights are slim when you are not around. Backline intruders such as assassins and fighters or burst damage heroes must receive extra attention.

In this phase you have to frequently open maps and open wars. Use all the skills we have to annoy opposing heroes, don't let them farm comfortably.

When in the late game you have to focus on always monitoring the condition of your teammates, use your ultimate skill when a teammate is dying.

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You have to play barbarically, use your one and two skills to lock the opponent's hero movements when they are farming or war.

Save your ultimate skill for a dying core hero or team hero, only use this skill in critical situations because this skill has a very long cooldown. Then lock the movement of the opponent's core hero first, don't waste skills on the Tank hero.

Even though support heroes are usually not used in ranked matches, Angela is still relevant in the game. Being aggressive in the early game is important to disrupt the opponent's farm and participate in team fights no matter what because Angela's first skill is important to heal, damage and amplify damage.

If you are good at playing it, you are considered a good support player and can pretty much play other support heroes.

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That's all for today's guide on Angela's gameplay in Mobile Legends. Would you prefer to use it some other way? Let us know in the comments section below!

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