5 Latest Android VR Games You Must Try in 2024

The world of gaming is becoming increasingly lively with the presence of Virtual Reality (VR) technology. The good news is, you can now enjoy an immersive and exciting VR experience directly from smartphones Your Android.

Various new Android VR games have emerged, offering a gaming sensation that is second to none. If you are interested in trying it, here are 5 recommendations for the latest Android Virtual Reality games that you must try in 2024!

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List of Best Android VR Games 2024

If you want to experience an extraordinary VR sensation, here are the 5 newest Virtual Reality games that you must try in 2024.


X Racer
X Racer. Source: YouTube.

Do you like racing games? X-Racer is a VR game that will take you into a thrilling futuristic racing arena.

You will feel the sensation of racing at high speed and passing various challenging obstacles.

X-Racer is easy to learn and play. You only need to use head movements to control your car. This intuitive gameplay makes X-Racer enjoyable for everyone.

If you are looking for an exciting and challenging Android VR game, X-Racer is the right choice. This game is suitable for everyone who wants to experience the thrilling sensation of futuristic racing.

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Walk The Plank VR

Walk The Plank VR
Walk The Plank VR. Source: YouTube.

This VR game will test your courage. You will be invited to walk on narrow wooden planks at extreme heights. Be careful so you don't fall!

Even though the graphics are simple, this game manages to provide a realistic sensation of height. You will feel the swaying of the board, the gust of wind, and the wide view that triggers the fear of falling.

Suitable to try for those of you who want to experience a unique and challenging Virtual Reality sensation.

However, the repetitive gameplay and lack of variety may make this game less interesting to play for a long time.

Fruit Racing VR

Fruit Racing VR
Fruit Racing VR. Source: YouTube.

An exciting Virtual Reality game suitable for all ages. You will race using various kinds of fruit in a colorful arena. Fruit Racing VR is a competitive and fun game.

Fruit Racing VR uses tilt controls to turn the vehicle. Just move your head left or right to steer, making the controls intuitive and easy to learn.

You can also use power-ups that you get by collecting fruit along the track. These power-ups vary, from speeding up speed to attacking opponents.

Are you interested in trying Fruit Racing VR? Download the game and experience the sensation of exciting racing with your favorite fruit characters!


Hardcoded. Source: Mob.org

VR game that challenges your code-breaking skills. You will be trapped in a virtual room and have to solve various puzzles to get out. Hardcode is a game that stimulates adrenaline and sharpens the brain.

The combination of the shooter and puzzle solving genres makes this game interesting to play. However, keep in mind that the graphic quality is relatively simple and the controls are sometimes less responsive. If you are looking for a Virtual Reality game that sharpens your brain and adrenaline, Hardcode is worth a try.

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Voxel Fly

Voxel Fly
Voxel Fly. Source: YouTube.

VR game that will take you flying over a beautiful voxel world. You can explore various islands and complete various missions. Voxel Fly is a relaxing and fun game.

Voxel Fly is a fun Android VR game that is suitable for all ages. Simple gameplay, colorful voxel world, and various game modes make this game suitable for casual play.

If you are looking for an immersive and less stressful Virtual Reality experience, Voxel Fly is the right choice for you.

Then, if you want to experience a different and unforgettable gaming experience, try the newest 2024 Android VR game. Guaranteed you will be entertained and feel an extraordinary sensation. Have a nice play!

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