7 Best Pixel Graphic Visual Android Games 2024

Pixel Games

Pixel art games is a game that carries a classic appearance and relies on graphic techniques that use small pixels as the basic element. Pixel art graphics can be found in various genres, ranging from platformers, RPGs adventure, and so on.

This pixel art style is considered an interesting and unique art form. Even though graphic technology has advanced rapidly, many game developers still choose the pixel art style to create classic and stunning games.

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7 Best Offline Pixel Art Android Games 2024

In this article, we have summarized some of the best and freshest classic pixel art style Android games to play vicigers in 2024.

Potion Permit

potion permit
Potion Permit (Source: Google Playstore)

Potion Permit is simulation games with a touch of RPG which is considered to have a game feel like 'Stardew Valley' or 'Harvest Moon'. This game will be enchanting vicigers to follow the journey of a young chemist in a village called Bunbury. His job is to heal sick villagers and rebuild their faith in science that was once doubted.

This game is easy to learn and master, providing a satisfying sense of accomplishment when successfully completing the tasks. Vicigers will spend time collecting ingredients in the wild, concocting potions in the laboratory, and diagnosing and curing residents' illnesses.

Apart from concocting potions, vicigers You can also interact with the villagers, build relationships with them, and learn their unique stories. One of the attractions of this game is that it offers soothing visuals and audio, with charming and colorful pixel art graphics.

The character and environment designs are detailed and attractive, providing a unique and engaging atmosphere to enjoy. The soundtrack of the game consists of calm and relaxing music, helping to create a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere.

Overall, for those who enjoy the excitement of 'Stardew Valley', Potion Permit will also provide entertainment that is no less exciting with the story of a young healer who tries to become the savior of the village.

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Sonic Mania Plus

Sonic Mania Plus 
Sonic Mania Plus (Source: Google Playstore)

Sonic Mania Plus is a visual game with pixel graphics that brings back the nostalgia of the game Sonic the Hedgehog with a modern touch. Developed by Sega and Headcanon, this game is now under the roof together Netflix and offers exciting and challenging gameplay.

This game will bring vicigers returns to the classic era of Sonic with iconic pixelated graphics and an energetic soundtrack. Vicigers can play as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles, exploring classic zones such as Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone.

The gameplay is very exciting and has its own characteristics. Vicigers must run, jump, and spin to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, and collect rings. Sonic Mania Plus also offers a new game mode, namely the more difficult Mania Plus Mode, as well as new playable characters such as Mighty the Armadillo.

Sonic Mania Plus is a classic mobile game that is fun and challenging, bringing back the nostalgia of the Sonic the Hedgehog game with a modern touch and interesting gameplay.

The Last Barrier

Game the last barrier 
The Last Barrier (Source: google playstore)

The Last Barrier is a unique side-scrolling strategy game, combining survival game elements with pixel art visual art style and Tower Defense game mechanics in a post-apocalyptic world of underground station tunnels.

In this game, vicigers will be given the task of defending the base from attacks by monsters that attack every day. While playing vicigers will give people tasks to build colonies, armies, or organize various defenses and resources such as power plants and the heart of the base.

There is also objective text that can be followed to continue the game progress without getting confused. The features in the game are increasingly abundant, from building large troops, explosive firearms, to increasingly challenging difficulty levels.

Even though it is built in a side-scrolling format, overall, this tower defense style survival strategy game is interesting and unique to play.

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Ziro's Katana 

Katana Zero is an action game with an interesting pixel art style, now back with Netflix to become one of the newest games in 2024. This game carries a neonoir style of game that invites players to enter a dystopian city to uncover the secrets of the past in the middle of a corrupt city and dark.

In this game, vicigers control an assassin named Subject Giriro who has the ability to slow down time in battle and plan effective attacks. The game's story centers on Subject Katana Zero's efforts to uncover the larger conspiracy behind his mission as an assassin.

The gameplay focuses on fast action and reflexes, where vicigers must trick the enemy using slow motion abilities to avoid attacks and complete the level with high speed and skill. Each level will introduce new challenges, including increasingly difficult enemies and obstacles that require quick reactions.


Buballoon Games
Buballon (Source: Google Playstore)

Buballon is arcade games set in retro pixel art that invites adventure fans to explore a series of unique and charming puzzle levels. On a journey across an extraordinary world filled with danger, vicigers will be faced with seven unique worlds decorated with beautiful animated graphics, bringing back the nostalgic touch of fun retro games.

On a noble mission to save the magical kingdom of Buballon and win the love of the beautiful Moon Princess, players will face various dangers that require ingenuity and skill. The game mechanics involve controlling a duck who must reach the final point and avoid various obstacles in each level.

Every mistake is used as a valuable lesson to face future obstacles, making the journey not only difficult, but also enjoyable and rewarding. Get ready to dive into the world of Buballon, where adventure and retro charm come together for an unforgettable gaming experience.

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Dungeon vs Gunner

Dungeon vs gunner game 
Dungeon vs Gunner (Source: google playstore)

Dungeon vs Gunner is a casual roguelike game that is quite fun and features pixel art visual graphics. In the game, players will be tasked with exploring a dungeon that suddenly appears in the world and must discover the mystery within it.

At the start of the game, vicigers will act as a cowboy equipped with a gun to fight monsters. A series of tutorials are presented to understand the gameplay mechanics.

Because it is made in the roguelike genre, every enemy, item and other element in the dungeon will always change unpredictably. Besides that, vicigers You can also try out three other unlockable characters, buy new weapons, and much more.

For fans of games with the roguelike genre and exciting pixel shooting, Dungeon vs Gunner is a game that is worth trying.


Voltshadow Games 
Voltshadow (Source: google playstore)

Voltshadow is a pixel action game from a local studio called Itiad Games. Even though it is still in the demo stage, the gameplay is quite playable and fun to play. This game adapts game elements from several popular metroidvania games such as Blasphemous, Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, and others.

The story itself revolves around a mission to uncover the mystery of the dark continent, where together with the main character named Aran, vicigers will go on an adventure and avenge his brother's death on an ancient entity that has reappeared, namely Lord Shadow. The main focus of this game is to defeat the evil monsters that have invaded the earth.

The gameplay mechanism adopts standards from Metroidvania games, with a variety of unique skills such as Dash, Jump, Wall Jump, Double Jump, Glide, and others. This game also supports the use of a gamepad or controllers mobile. With an action theme and a mysterious dark fantasy setting, it is hoped that this game will continue to improve its quality and be officially released soon.

These are some of the best offline pixel art Android games to play together Vicigers in 2024. Thank you for reading this article.

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