Pay Attention to This Before Buying the Stellar Blade Game on PS5

Stella Blade

Thousands to millions of video games have been successfully released every year. Many game production houses try to show their quality, by providing various features, as well as attractive visualization of the characters and gameplay. Of the several categories that have been mentioned, Stellar Blade deserves to be side by side in this list of games.

Many doubted Stellar Blade at the beginning of its teaser appearance. This happens because game players in the world are no longer able to be attracted in the old way, namely, by giving the main character a "sensual" appearance.

However, this seems to be answered by ShiftUp, the main developer of the game, through a game demo that you can try. There are many things you will be able to get, not just a sensual appearance.

Starting from environmental graphics that are pleasing to the eye, interesting music in detailed battles, to the narrative depiction of a post-apocalyptic world story that was successfully executed by ShiftUp.

Are you curious about Stellar Blade? Through this article, the author will provide a brief review from various sources, to answer your curiosity.

At the same time, it will help you determine the suitability of this game to purchase, once it is officially released on the Indonesian market. Therefore, read the following article carefully so that you don't get the wrong idea when absorbing the information the author will provide.

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Get to know the newest RPG game on PS5, Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade Main Character Pose.
Stellar Blade Main Character Pose. (Source: Polygon/Google)

Apart from Rise of the Ronin, Stellar Blade is also included in the category of most anticipated games released for 2024. PS5 players can conclude this, because the gameplay demo provided by the developer really attracts their interest.

This game has a story background that is set in the future, with an unspecified time period.

Humans are also no longer the main race inhabiting the earth. The eviction of humans from the food chain can occur, due to the presence of an unknown species entity, called Naytiba.

Naytiba succeeded in subduing us, and forcing humanity to move into space, by making the colonies survive communally.

Like human nature which is endowed with heart and feeling, our race does not just give up. An attack operation was formed involving many prominent figures, in an effort to seize the earth.

The character we play, EVE, is also included in the attack unit. There will be an upheaval during the attack unit's return to earth, EVE, the main character in the game Stellar Blade, will be the main spearhead, to defeat the Naytiba species.

Even though the attack unit was equipped with accurate information and a combat strategy that had been designed in such a way, this still could not save humanity from the brink of defeat.

EVE even saw many of her colleagues die, including Tachy, who was killed by Alpha Naytiba. Due to the heavy blow the unit received, they decided to return to the colony.

However, EVE continued to fight alone, until she finally met Adam, and was taken to Xion, the last human city on earth.

So, can EVE free the earth from Naytiba's shackles? try playing this game, so you can find out what it's like and feel the sensation of the destruction of the earth at the hands of an alien species.

Release Date and Price Speculation

Close up Main Character
Close up Main Character. (Source: Games Radar/Google)

Quoted from the official Playstation website, the Stellar Blade game will be released on April 26, 2024, according to each location and world clock.

You can buy it for 69.99 to 79.99 United States dollars, depending on the series you choose.

If converted into rupiah, it will reach Rp. 1,029,000 rupiah.

The Gameplay

Gameplay Versus Monsters
Gameplay Versus Monster Stellar Blade. (Source: gamerwk/Google)

Just like games with the RPG genre or other Role Playing Games, you will fight a lot of monsters from the Naytiba species, with the main goal being to eliminate that nation's dominance on the face of the earth.

Apart from that, you also have to follow the storyline of the missions provided by the game. However, you will not be given certain restrictions to explore the world of Stellar Blade.

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