5 Main Points You Need to Know About Valorant for a Comfortable Game

Valorant is a tactical and session shooter game developed by Riot Games and has found its market in the e-sports segment.
Valorant. Source: AcerID

Valorant is a tactical and session shooter that was proposed by Riot Games and has found its niche in the e-sports segment and even lured some professional players from CS GO and other disciplines.

Valorant even influenced the development of CS 2, despite the fact that it itself appeared under the influence of CS GO.

Now, Valve's project also uses a system of 13 rather than 16 rounds that must be won to get Valorant rank boosting.

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Basic Concepts

Valorant. Source: Riot Games/Google

The project from Riot Games is a shooter in which two teams of five people each will play, where you will play both for the attacking side and for the defense.

In matches there will be a spike - an analogue of a bomb that needs to be installed, or, on the contrary, to prevent this and clear it if mining does occur.

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Jett Valorant
Agent Jett. Source: Rock Paper Shotgun/Google

Valorant uses a system of agents who, in addition to weapons, will have a number of skills of different types that can be used in battle.

This could be a skill in exploration, combat, or helping others.

Each agent plays a role in rank boosting in Valorant, and you can only choose one hero per team.


A support hero who uses ice and healing on the battlefield.

Due to the cold, you can install a slowing road, or even an entire wall that your opponents have to destroy, or bypass it.

You will be able to heal and even resurrect your allies, and thus have a chance to change the outcome of literally every round.


A scout hero who is armed with a bow and, if necessary, can shoot an arrow that shows the location of the enemy to all squad members.

You will be able to launch a separate drone and at the time the skill is active you will see it with your eyes until it is destroyed or canceled, and you will be able to literally fly around the entire map.

You will also have an attacking skill that will allow you to charge your arrow with energy and release it at the enemy, causing great damage if it hits.


This is a full-fledged attacking class that can set a strengthening effect on a location, deliver powerful blows to a selected point on the map, set up a smoke screen and release a fire grenade.

This is a truly powerful agent for any Valorant boost.


He is a fast-moving adventurer hero who wreaks havoc behind enemy lines with his speed and agility.

As well as his ability to jump onto high objects, allowing him to quickly rush behind enemy lines and destroy them, benefiting his team.

You will have the opportunity to set smokes, make a momentary dash forward and throw five daggers, causing heavy damage if even one of them hits.

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Economy and Weapons

Agent Jett Valorant Duelist Type
Agent Jett Valorant Duelist Type. Source: VCGamers

In each round, you will have a budget for the purchase of weapons and agent skills, and you need to be able to distribute it so that you always have in your hands the best weapons that you can afford.

Each type of weapon will have its own amount of money for killing an enemy with its help.

The first and seventh rounds, traditionally for session shooters, will be held with pistols, but further rounds will be directly interconnected. 

Most of the money will come from automatic weapons and shotguns.

The most expensive and least profitable, but powerful weapon is the sniper rifle.

The most effective are AK or M4 assault rifles.

A cheap weapon when there is a shortage of funds is an analogue of the Dessert Eagle, or a shotgun.

Game Map and Bomb Placement Points

Map Lotus
Callout Map Lotus. Source: The SportsRush

Valorant is constantly updated and replenished with new cards, but no matter how they look, the general principle remains unchanged.

On each territory, there are two bomb installation points and three directions in which you can move.

This is the path to the site, center, or bypass routes to reach these points.

You need to interact with your team to constantly come up with new tactics and division of the squad so that you can effectively collect information on the map and surprise the enemy, this is how you get a rank boost in Valorant.

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Judge Visualization
Judge Visualization. Source: Valorant

You need to learn to shoot accurately and be able to suppress enemies with dense fire.

Aim training with one cartridge at a time, which is often called one-tap, will help you with this - this is quick targeting and instant killing of the enemy, which is used by professional players.

To train it, you need to aim the sight slightly to the side and with a sharp movement move it directly to the enemy’s head. 

If you do not have time on the battlefield, or the skill of shooting one cartridge at a time, then you can always shoot three bullets at a time.

To do this, aim the sight at the level of the neck, then from the scattering of the bullets they will fly into the head and torso, which will cause fatal damage to you to the enemy.

Practice shooting three rounds as an alternative to aimed fire with high damage and a chance to instantly destroy the enemy at medium and close range.

The secret is that you fire three rounds at once, and even if one reaches the target, it causes high damage, and two are almost guaranteed to destroy the enemy. 

Many players switch to spray in the panic of battle - this is a good tactic if you understand the spread of cartridges and can lower the sight so that they are guaranteed to fly into the target.

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Conclusions on The Game Valorant and The Main Gameplay Points

Valorant is a full-fledged competitor to CS GO, which brings the spirit of competition to the gaming industry, but continues the popular game mechanics of a session shooter that will be familiar to most players.

What makes it unique, first of all, is the agent system, which adds various mechanics and skills such as shelling, smoke and fire grenades, healing and resurrection to individual agents, who need to be able to combine correctly in order to have means of reconnaissance and attack on the enemy.

To fully experience all the delights of Valorant, you will have to play on all available agents, at least in order to understand in detail all the basic mechanics and be able to counteract them in the future.

The number of rounds to win in Valorant has been reduced to 13 and players like this approach more, so much so that Valve themselves added them to CS 2.

The economic system will be very similar to the CS, and the only distinguishing feature will be the ability to purchase additional spheres with unique skills for your class; they can also be obtained through a series of kills in rounds.

Try to play ranked matches, because in them all players will be more motivated to play better and increase their rank.

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