5 Best Counter Angela Heroes in 2024!

Angela, you can beat the annoying support. The way to do this is by using Angela's hero counter Mobile Legendss best 2024.

This hero has the ability to provide shields, regeneration and buffs to his teammates, making Angela the main choice in various ranks. Players are often made helpless against this support hero.

But don't worry, there are several counter heroes specifically for Angela who are ready to shake her dominance. Are you curious about who the counter heroes are? Come on, check out the following article!

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List of Hero Counter Angela 2024

Angela is an annoying hero, but that doesn't mean she can't be beaten. By using the 5 best hero counters in 2024, you can stop it and bring your team to victory.

You can find a number of heroes who are suitable to be counter heroes with this support role. However, this time the author has summarized the 5 best counter heroes to stop him in the Land of Dawn.


Counter Hero Angela
Lancelot. Source: UHD Wallpapers

Lancelot, the agile assassin, was able to deal large burst damage to him. Lancelot's ultimate skill, allows him to target him and kill him quickly before he can possess his friend.

Lancelot's Skill 2 makes him immune to crowd control for a few seconds. This allows Lancelot to keep attacking him even if he tries to run away or use crowd control skills.

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Counter Hero Angela
Leslie. Source. oneesports.id

The long-range marksman, Lesley, is capable of dealing massive damage from a distance. Lesley's ultimate skill can be used to attack Angela and her team from a distance, so that Angela cannot provide maximum support.

Lesley is able to provide large burst damage with her ultimate skill. This allows him to kill him quickly before he can possess his friend.


Counter Hero Angela
Harley. Source: YouTube.

Angela's next hero counter is Lesley. This hero is able to lock Angela with his ultimate skill, Magic Mayhem.

Harley can easily kill him with a combo of his skills, and Angela will not be able to escape with her ultimate skill.

Harley has high mobility with skill 2. This allows Harley to easily catch up to Angela and kill her.

Harley is a very effective counter for him because of his high burst damage, target lock-on, crowd control, high mobility, and ability to use counter items.


Counter Hero Angela
Kagura. Source mlbbdesign.com.

Kagura, the mage with her magic umbrella, is able to provide great crowd control to Angela.

ultimate skills Kagura, Mythic Flower, can be used to confine Angela and her team, so that Angela cannot move freely and provide support.

Kagura can use her 2nd skill to avoid the enemy's ultimate, Possession. This makes Angela unable to possess Kagura and provide support to her team.

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Counter Hero Angela
Natalia. Source: GGWP.

Natalia can eliminate Angela easily. Natalia's ultimate skill, Assassin Instinct, allows her to become invisible and attack Angela with a surprise attack.

Natalia's basic attack has a silence effect which can prevent Angela from using her skills. This is very important because he really relies on his skills to provide support to his team. When Natalia succeeds in silence, she will not be able to provide support and her team will become weak.

Natalia is a very effective counter for her because she can hide, high burst damage, Angela's ability to silence, and her high mobility.

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