XDefiant PS5: Release Date Speculation, Latest Gameplay and Features

XDefiant PS5

You're looking FPS games new fun to play on PS5? XDefiant on PS5 might be the right choice for you to play.

This game features fast-paced and intense five-on-five matches. Each character has unique abilities that can be used to turn the tide of battle.

So, in this article the author will share some important information about the game. So, stay tuned and read this article till the end.

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About XDefiant Ps5 Release Date

XDefiant Ps5
XDefiant Ps5. Source: YouTube.

XDefiant's arrival has been postponed again, this time without a definite release date. This delay is in response to testing that showed “inconsistencies in the gaming experience”.

So, Ubisoft needs to address this problem before launching the game's first Preseason.

On September 12, 2023, Mark Rubin from Ubisoft provided a release explaining why the game hasn't been released yet.

He said that his party had started testing at the end of July and there would be results in August 2023. The result was Not Pass.

His party also spent up to 3 to 4 weeks to fix the existing problems. With the hope that when the game is sent to the first party (Xbox, Sony, etc.), the game will meet the standards.

At that time, the party planned to release the game in mid-September 2023. However, there is a possibility that it will be postponed to October 2023.

Mark Rubin said at that time that there was no definite release schedule. However, he stated that this was due to several things.

Namely, because they want to finish the game with the best quality. So, it can be played by all parties with a pleasant playing experience with all the available features.

“So, when asked when we would release it, the real answer was “as soon as possible”. And we will continue to provide you with further information as we have it,” he said.

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The Gameplay

XDefiant Ps5
XDefiant Ps5. Source: YouTube.

XDefiant is an FPS game that focuses on team battles. You will choose a character to defeat the opposing team using your skills and strategy.

XDefiant's gameplay is inspired by various popular FPS games, including Overwatch, Valorant and Rainbow Six Siege. Games it has a unique and futuristic graphic style.

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XDefiant Ps5
XDefiant Ps5 . Source: YouTube.

There are a number of interesting features that will make your playing experience even more enjoyable. Here's the list!

Cross-play and Cross-progression features

This feature is one of the most interesting features in XDefiant. This feature allows players to play with their friends on different platforms, without having to worry about losing their achievements.

For example, if you play XDefiant on PS5, you can play with your friends playing on PC or Xbox Series X/S. You can also continue your progress on all the platforms you own.

Skill Tree System

The skill tree system allows players to customize their characters by selecting abilities and attributes that suit their playing style.

For example, if you like playing aggressively, you can choose abilities that improve your shooting and movement.

Then if you like to play more strategically, you can choose abilities that increase your ability to support the team.

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Diverse Game Modes

XDefiant offers a variety of game modes, including:

  • Escorts: Players are tasked with moving a robot to a delivery point, or defenders are required to stop an enemy escorting the robot.
  • Zone Control: Players attack or defend various control points.
  • Domination: Both teams are tasked with taking over three capture points, as points increase.
  • Occupy: Players must move from one point to another to capture zones and earn points for the team.
  • Hot Shots: This mode tasks players with eliminating opponents and collecting the bounty tokens they drop to score points.

These game modes provide a variety of different gaming experiences. Players can choose the game mode according to their own taste.

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