Controversy Ubisoft Launches NFT, A Good Or Bad Sign?

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Track record Ubisoft launch NFTs since the end of 2021, it seems that it is still far from stable. The reason is, until this article was written, Ubisoft reportedly received strong criticism from fans.

As one company games leading successful with Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry and Ghost Recon, the step of this French company is very reckless.

It means, Ubisoft openly created NFTs which has reportedly been planned since four years. This is reaping debate because Ubisoft also still under shelter the Steam platform to distribute games-his.

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Reportedly, NFTs named digits owned by Ubisoft which can be obtained through quartz it has started to be implemented into one games-his, Ghost Recon.

Instead of getting support from fans, Ubisoft actually received harsh criticism from the gamers loyal. What's the controversy like? Here's the review.

Digits, Ubisoft's Limited NFT

ubisoft launches nft digits 1

In an effort to enliven the market crypto, Ubisoft launch NFTs named digits at the end of December 2021 then through inside assets games Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

Launching NFTs this intends to increase the interest of the players to enjoy games while investing at the same time. you see, digits will be implemented via items limited in games the.

For example, if any player want investment NFTs through games it, then he can exchange cryptoby purchasing “assets” limited items in the form of certain weapons or accessories.

To distinguish digits, Ubisoft outsmart it by differentiating the serial number of each items. This is done to distinguish the "NFT value" when it will be brought to platforms other.

However, NFT Digits This is only accessible in a few countries. Reportedly, Ubisoft also do not want to deal with the laws in certain countries regarding legality cryptocurrencies.

So therefore, Quartz website and NFT Digits can only be accessed in the United States, Canada, France, Germany and other countries that have recognized crypto. Asian markets including Indonesia are still unable to access Ubisoft NFTs because of legal constraints.

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The NFT Controversy That Consumes A Lot Of Energy

ubisoft launches energy-consuming nft

As one of Ubisoft's efforts to launch NFTs this, they reportedly use Tezos which when compared with Bitcoins, the energy used is more efficient compared to Ethereum.

Though blockchains used Ubisoft proven so, this does not mean the right solution to save energy use. As a result, many of the critics gaming react to the steps taken by Ubisoft.

in fact, items limited to obtain digits can be obtained through normal transactions, such as buying it with dollars or other currencies as a step to reduce excess energy use.

However, Ubisoft argued that this method was less efficient because there were many things that had to be involved. Consumers are also somewhat disadvantaged by the use of traditional methods.

Use of NFTs is Vulnerable to Plagiarism

ubisoft launches plagiarism-prone nft

As for problems Ubisoft launch NFTs Another is copyright issues. It is true, digits works by changing the serial number items in games for different values in platforms other. But is it that easy?

If see limited items in game Ghost Recon: Breakpoint myself, maybe items it is duplicated by an unscrupulous party, then differentiated for resale to other NFT markets for personal gain.

That is, even though named NFTs, there is no clear legal process for making NFTs as the only safe investment in today's digital world.

In Indonesia itself, reception NFTs still not fully understood by the general public. Step Ubisoft to postpone spreading its wings to the Asian market also seems good, considering the countries where it was released NFT Digits They've just reaped a lot of controversy.

This refers to the fourth issue of the launch NFTs Ubisoft, which is the destination transformation of main games itself.

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Playing Games For Investment vs Playing Games For Fun

Destination Ubisoft launch NFTs definitely to make a profit. However, Ubisoft also provides an opportunity for his fans to invest together and achieve mutual benefits.

ubisoft launches nft ghost recon breakpoint

Reported from Ghost Recon: Breakpoint game review as platforms Ubisoft Digit NFTs first, instead of reaping praise, they were instead subjected to scathing criticism from their fans.

Most of the player which downvote games it reasoned that NFT Digits absolutely no use for them.

Most importantly, they feel that playing games it is not a fun activity like playing games Ubisoft earlier.

Through this perspective, the author sees a gap between investment in games also play games to fill in spare time. There is a "broken bridge" between player and developers in looking NFTs which is implemented in games.

ubisoft launches nft nicolas pouard

Ubisoft still trying to quibble through Nicolas Pouard as Deputy CEO Ubisoft that this move will be mutually beneficial to both the company and the players.

However, due to constraints digits which is still new and most of the players only intend to "fill in spare time", Ubisoft instead, it swallowed losses and received serious criticism from both players and observers games.

Despite this controversy, Ubisoft remain firm in the establishment to develop digits, not only in Ghost Recon course, but also in games other.

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Of the four points described above, Effort Ubisoft launch NFT Digits it seems that there will still be new rounds and obstacles. Regardless, we can't deny that NFTs currently being embraced by the world's population.

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