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what is vc coin vcgamers

Maybe some of you are still wondering what VC Coin is, and maybe even many of you are still confused about what is the difference between VC Coin, $VCG Token and VC Points.

In this article, we will explain in more detail what VC Coin is, its benefits, how to get it, and everything you need to know. For a more detailed article about $VCG Token, you can read in full here yes.

Instead of getting more curious, let's just look at the explanation below.

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What is VC Coin?

In short, VC Coin is electronic money that you can currently use to make payment transactions on the VCGamers Marketplace.

You can use VC Coin to buy all your daily gaming and digital product needs.

Want to top up diamonds Mobile Legends, buy Garena Shells vouchers, or want to buy your favorite game items and skins? Don't worry, everyone can use VC Coin!

Not only that, you can also shop for other needs, such as topping up PLN Tokens, topping up Credit, or even topping up all your e-wallets, starting from DANA, GoPay, LinkAja, OVO, ShopeePay, and others.

So cool right? Not only using VC Coin, VCGamers also provides many other payment options, but are you curious about why you should use VC Coin when shopping at VCGamers Marketplace?


So, why do we advise you to shop using VC Coin on the VCGamers Marketplace, the answer is because you will get a number of advantages compared to using other payment methods.

First and most importantly, you will be free from service fees, because only the VC Coin payment method is free of 100% service fees!

vcgamers payment method
VC Coin Service Fee

You also don't have to bother with bank transfers by opening mobile banking, let alone walking all the way to an ATM or standing in line at a retail store like Alfamart/Alfamidi.

So, the cheapest game top up on VCGamers Marketplace is certainly even cheaper without any service fees when you use VC Coin. 

The cheapest way to top up at VCGamers Marketplace

We will provide an example so that you are not confused and can wisely determine the payment method that you will use.

For example, you want to Top Up 2010 Diamonds Mobile Legends on VCGamers Marketplace. If you use a payment method other than VC Coin you need to pay a service fee.

That is, if the price of 2010 Diamonds is IDR 415,110, then the payment method service fee that you choose will be added.

See (red box) image below as an example when you choose to make a payment using QRIS.

What is VC Coin

In the picture above, you also need to pay the QRIS admin fee besides paying for the Diamonds purchased. So, the total cost you have to pay for Top Up 2010 Diamonds Mobile Legends is IDR 424,413.

Meanwhile, when you Top Up using your VC Coin balance, you only need to pay according to the shop price. That is, there is no need for a service fee at all or it is free.

You can see the image below as an example.

What is VC Coin

So, you can Top Up Diamonds in Mobile Legends without administrative costs. So, your total payment is only IDR 415,110.

So, this also applies to Top Up or Buying other Game Vouchers on the VCGamers Marketplace. Have a good shopping!

How to Top Up VC Coin

For those of you who are already a member of the VCGamers Marketplace, you can fill in or top up VC Coin easily. The method is as follows:

  • After logging in, enter the VC Coin menu
  • Choose a nominal top up denomination starting from IDR 20,000 up to a maximum of IDR 10 million
  • Click Topups, then Select Payment Method
  • The last step, don't forget to complete your payment!
VC Coin Top Up
VC Coin Top Up

How to Withdraw Balance

Apart from how to top up, you also need to know how to withdraw VC Coin balances. You need to know this to make it easier for you when you want to withdraw your balance.

Here's how to withdraw VC Coin balance on the VCGamers Marketplace that you can try:

  • Make sure you have logged in to your VCGamers account and have entered your bank/ewallet account number
  • Choose Finance > Withdraw Balance
  • Enter the withdrawal amount or activate it Withdraw all my balance
  • Click Withdraw Balance, and congratulations your balance has been successfully disbursed
  • For more info, please read FAQs yes

How To Get VC Coin For Free

FYI, you can get VC Coin for free, Vicigers! Here are some ways to get free VC Coin.

  • Join Discord VCGamers and actively participate in competitions/events
  • Join the VCGamers Event/Gathering
  • Participate in Tournaments held by VCGamers
  • Participate in the Giveaway on VCGamers Social Media

$VCG Tokens

what is $vcg token vcgamers
$VCG Tokens

Do not be Wrong! VC Coin and $VCG Token are two different products of VCGamers.

$VCG Token is a digital crypto asset that will later allow you to buy and sell digital game items and NFT assets, while VC Coin is as we explained at the beginning of this article.

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Hopefully this article helps you better understand what VC Coin is and how it differs from $VCG Token, Vicigers!

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