Update VCGamers Marketplace April 2024

vcgamers marketplace update april 2024

Hola Vicigers! How are you? May you always be healthy! So, this time we will convey some of the updates that have arrived VCGamers Marketplace in April 2024. 

So, in this update you can find various new features and services that will make you more comfortable when making transactions at VCGamers, both on the website and via the application.

This is done as a form of VCGamers's commitment to always strive to provide the best game marketplace that is cheap, safe and fast for everyone Vicigers.

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Update VCGamers Marketplace April 2024

vcgamers update April 2024
Source: VCGamers

Vicigers, we made a number of feature and service improvements in this update. One of the things that is done is to increase the speed on several pages.

You can enjoy these various improvements right now.

Are you curious about the improved features and services? The following are details of the VCGamers Marketplace feature and service updates April 2024:

  1. Improved speed of several pages, product details & transaction history, for smoother transactions;
  2. Product reviews are now easier, write your review immediately after completing the transaction;
  3. We have adjusted the banner display on the homepage to make it even cooler;
  4. Login is even easier, just use your Google account;
  5. The notes you enter in the cart can be used again for the next transaction, you know;
  6. Want to make a transaction? First check whether your ID Game is correct or not? hihi;
  7. Your balance is always visible, even if it hasn't been activated;
  8. We have updated the Search Page, so that your search is more precise;
  9. As a Seller, you can now access the menu via the Mobile Application;
  10. Enjoy various Flash Sales and campaigns, of course the price will be # Cheaper.

What do you think about this latest update? Hopefully you will be more comfortable when shopping at VCGamers Marketplace.

For those of you who have just joined, don't forget to use the promo code COBADONG and get a discount when making your first transaction.

One more thing, don't forget to update VCGamers app Go to the latest version, v.3.0.0, so you can immediately enjoy all these new features. Enjoy!

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