VCGamers v2.1.x Application Update, Shopping Looks Even Cooler!

vcgamers application update with new look

Hola Vicigers, there is the latest information about the application VCGamers here. So, now we have updated the VCGamers v2.1.x application with a new look that is really fresh and makes your transactions even faster.

We ensure that you will be more comfortable and at home when using the VCGamers application to sell or buy digital products and top up games.

You must be curious about what is present in the VCGamers v2.1.x Application update, right and what the new appearance is? Come on, let's look at more complete information!

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VCGamers v2.1.x Application Update

You will find many new things in the VCGamers application update this time. This update was carried out so that users of the VCGamers application become more comfortable and easier to carry out transactions.

For more details, here is the VCGamers v2.1.x application update

New VCGamers Fresher Look

new look for the vcgamers application update

VCGamers now comes with a new appearance that is cleaner and fresher. With this new appearance, we hope you can get a new experience when using the application that is more comfortable.

Hassle-free Login and Register Account

vcgamers application update

Currently VCGamers already provides easy login and registration features, aka hassle-free.

You only need to log in using email without a password or log in with your Google account. 

The process is easy, right? To maintain the security of your account, the system will send OTP verification to your email.

Notification Feature Update

vcgamers update

The notification feature will really help you to find out updates on your transactions and updates regarding the latest information on VCGamers.

In this latest version, we have optimized notification information so that it makes it easier for you when shopping.

So let's start checking your notifications on VCGamers because there will be lots of interesting information.

Transaction Note Column

vcgamers new look

This update is not only in terms of appearance. However, we have also presented a better note feature for you when you want to make a transaction. 

Transaction records are now divided into several information columns which will make it easier for you to better understand the information that needs to be completed.

Gercep Feature Improvements

new look for the vcgamers application update

Who here has used the Gercep feature? The Gercep feature can help those of you who are still confused about which store to choose from. 

Because, by using this feature, VCGamers will recommend the best shop for you according to the criteria you want.

So now, in this Gercep feature, you can immediately checkout the product you want without having to move pages

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It's really exciting to see all the application updates VCGamers v2.1.x. In the future, VCGamers will continue to provide updates that are no less exciting.

So what are you waiting for, come on, invite your friends to register and shop at VCGamers now. Don't forget to top up the cheapest and fastest games only at VCGamers Marketplace!

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