The story of Arif Budiman selling hundreds of thousands of digital products at VCGamers Marketplace

Arif Budiman Store

Arif Budiman is one of the sellers at VCGamers Marketplace. Until now, the shop is called Arif_budiman has sold 209,338 products.

Not only that, the shop also received a five star rating with a delivery time of approximately 1 minute. The percentage of successful transactions processed by the shop even reached 99,88%.

Of course, there is an interesting story about Arif being able to sell hundreds of thousands of digital products to all buyers in Indonesia gaming marketplace the.

This time we will explore Arif's success story in selling digital products. Come on, see the complete review!

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Arif Budiman Successfully Sells Hundreds of Thousands of Digital Products at VCGamers

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Owner Arif_budiman, Arif, tells his journey while selling at VCGamers Marketplace.

This man from Cirebon admitted that he knew VCGamers Marketplace from the crypto token that VCGamers launched on January 7 2022, $VCG Token.

"I'm playing crypto"From crypto, there will also be pre-sales," he said when talking with the VCGamers Team.

After that he saw that VCGamers had a game marketplace. He immediately decided to buy it.

“In the end, it's good, I'm happier entering the new site than the old one. "Because, if I get the momentum, my name will be there," he said.

Arif said that while selling he always communicated with the VCGamers team if he encountered problems in the transaction process. The cool thing, said Arief, was that it was immediately renovated by the VCGamers team.

In fact, he even named one of the VCGamers teams the Hand of God. Because he is always ready and able to solve the obstacles he finds.

"In the past, when Mas Wafi held the name Hand of God, all my problems WA'd to Mas Wafi, 'Mas, help me quickly'," he recalled.

"It's exciting, the interaction isn't direct with bots, it's delicious," continued Arif.

Arif also admitted that the features in VCGamers Marketplace were good. However, he requested that there be adjustments to the requirements for sellers to be able to sell using existing features.

"The features are okay, I like the features, the Lightning feature (the one I like the most). "That's all, the regulations are less (strict)," he said.He suggested that the requirements for sellers to be able to use the current Kilat feature could be adjusted and tightened. 

Arif believes that the current requirement of only needing 50 transactions to be able to use the Kilat feature is too small. "We might ask to increase the amount," he said.

Apart from that, he also hopes that there will be a monthly seller ranking on the VCGamers Marketplace. Where, the ranking is based on the seller's total sales every month.

However, Arif left this matter to the VCGamers Marketplace policy.

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