5 Weaknesses of the Cyclops Hero in Mobile Legends, Can't Blink!

To anticipate enemy attacks, you must know what are the weaknesses of the Cyclops hero in Mobile Legends.
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This hero mage who can't blink is rarely used by players. It turns out that there are 5 weaknesses in the Cyclops hero Mobile Legends which makes it rarely used.

Cyclops is the deadliest hero in the role mage in Mobile Legends, this hero deals a lot of damage at the beginning of the game and at the end of the game. He was once a meta in Mobile Legends, this hero can be defeated if used properly.

Before using this hero, you must first know the five weaknesses of the Cyclops hero in Mobile Legends. Just scroll down! 

List of MLBB Cyclops Hero Weaknesses

This one hero also has many weaknesses that make it easy to beat in the game.

SAs a user, you need to understand this very well in order to be careful with things that can be easily beaten by him while playing the game. See below for a detailed description of the Cyclops hero's weaknesses!

Low Durability

Weaknesses of Cyclops Heroes

The weakness of the first Cyclops hero is that he doesn't have much strength, so he can die quickly in battle.

There are several reasons why this hero has low stamina, including: He is not defensive and has a low lifestyle impact. To overcome these weaknesses, you must play safely and patiently, not open battles and also solo careers like in the next game.

Since he was a Mage, his strength level was obviously quite low. This makes it easy to beat the game. To solve this kind of problem, it's a good idea to use defensive items in the game.

Don't Have Escape Skill

Weaknesses of Cyclops Heroes

The second weakness of this hero is that he doesn't have the ability to blink, making him easily locked in battle. Of the four skills this hero has, none of them give a blink effect. You can use Battle Spell Flicker or Purify to overcome this error, don't forget to play it safe.

Even though he has a skill that has the effect of increasing movement speed, it's not enough to be used as a Cyclops escape skill. However, he still needs the Flicker field to help him escape the pursuit of opponents more effectively. That is also one of the weaknesses of the Cyclops hero which is quite dangerous for him.

Cannot Lead a Team

Weaknesses of Cyclops Heroes

The third weakness of this hero is not leading the team, that is the deadliest strength of this hero. That's because he's a non-agile hero, can't split and is also a solo master.

As a result, its users always rely on other people's wins and become heroes that are not recommended for solo play.

He himself had many heroic opponents who could easily defeat him. This is a big weakness for him. 

Heroes like lancelot, roger and yi sun-shin can withstand their highest skills very well. In addition, the damage generated by these heroes can easily beat them in the game.

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Lack of CC Skills

Weaknesses of Cyclops Heroes

Another weakness of the Cyclops hero is the lack of skill to control cc, making it difficult to block the movement of the opposing hero in battle.

Of the four skills this hero has, only the highest skill (Star Power Lockdown) can give effect to audience control. This skill can create a Gigantic Magic Sphere, giving 500(+220 percent of total magic power) and immobilizing for one to two seconds.

He is also weak against crowd control heroes because it prevents them from moving. He could no longer use his attack skills properly. Automatically, the damage generated by his offensive abilities may not be maximized when hit by CC effects from the opponent's skills. So weak, huh? 

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Can Only Lock One Hero

Weaknesses of Cyclops Heroes

The last weakness of this hero is that he can only lock on the opponent's hero during battle, which makes it less effective for group fights and cannot be solo because it is easy to kill when connected.

Of the four skills this hero has, only one skill can be controlled, namely (Stardust Shock), while the other three are automatic and can only block enemy hero movements. When using this hero, you have to be really careful not to let him come forward so you don't get killed easily.

He is very weak against heroes who can deal explosive damage because he can instantly kill with just one combined skill attack.

It is recommended not to deal Burst damage only to enemy heroes, because it can damage you. Take your hero to the tank if you want to deal with a hero damaged by an explosion to get good coverage.

Those were some of the weaknesses he had in Mobile Legends. Make sure you can understand it well so that playing performance can be even better when using it in a gameplay.

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Thus the explanation regarding the weaknesses of the Cyclops hero in Mobile Legends which we have discussed above. When you know Cyclops' weaknesses, you'll be much better off playing him in the game!

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