How to Get Free Free Fire Diamonds, Like What?

Free FF Diamonds

You guys survivors You must have found out how to get free diamonds, right?

Free Fire does have a variety of interesting features and items that players can take advantage of. This will certainly increase over time in order to spoil the players.

Games This Battle Royale, which is also popular in Indonesia, once set a record by gaining the most number of downloads globally.

It's no wonder that Garena, as the developer of Free Fire, seems to be a very loyal party games that mainstay. 

The reason is, they seem endless in presenting new innovations to provide a more different playing experience.

Garena has presented many things for Free Fire, starting from interesting features, various items, characters, weapons, events, emotes, and many more.

The players are certainly free to use these things to support their game. However, to get all of that, of course, you need a fee in the form of Diamonds.

Even to buy Diamonds, of course you need funds to do so top up first and the price of the Diamond varies greatly.

So, not all players are able to do it top up Diamond for some reason. Some of them finally looked for other alternatives, namely by finding out how to get free Diamonds.

For that, you can listen to this article because we will review how to get free Diamonds.

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Free Fire Free Diamonds

How to get Free Diamonds
FF Free Diamonds (Source:

As you guys already know, there are various items in-game in Free Fire such as characters, weapons, skins, bundle, and many more respectively. You can get all of that with internal exchange games like Diamonds.

Before exchanging Diamonds for various items in-game, you must do top up to buy Diamond first. The price can also vary according to the number of Diamonds of an item.

In other words, some of these items are cheap and some cost a little more. 

One of the reasons why some players are looking for ways to get free Diamonds is because the prices of some items are not cheap. So, they decided against it top up Diamonds.

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How To Get Free Diamonds

How to get free Diamonds
Illustration of getting Diamond (Source:

For those of you who might not want to bother paying for buying Diamonds, you can try the following ways to get free Diamonds. Don't worry because the method we provide is of course safe and official. 

Free Diamonds from Redeem Codes

The first way to get free Diamonds is through the FF Redeem code, which actually has various items that you can get. Besides having the opportunity to get free Diamonds, you can also get skins, bundles, characters, and many more.

To get the Redeem code is also not that difficult because all you have to do is follow events from the official Garena. Apart from that, you can also get this code through a number of Free Fire creator content platforms.

Enter the Giveaway

Apart from the Redeem code, you can also follow giveaway as one way to get free Diamonds. Free Fire content creators, especially those on YouTube, usually often hold events giveaway in the form of Diamonds.

Unfortunately, there is a role of luck in doing this one because there will be many competitors who will also follow giveaway. So, if you're lucky, you can definitely get Diamonds for free and of course it's safe and official.

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Free Diamonds from Garena Events

The next way to get free Diamonds is to follow events official from Garena. 

Events Garena usually provides various kinds of prizes such as weapons, characters, skin, bundle, as well as Diamonds. Because it's directly from Garena, this method is definitely very safe and official.

Well, so that you don't miss out on various events from Garena, you must always monitor the official social media accounts belonging to Free Fire Indonesia.

Enter the Tournament

How to get free Diamonds on this one maybe you can try if you feel you have skills qualified, namely by participating in the Free Fire tournament.

Maybe you can try it first by participating in a small inter-community tournament from the village, sub-district, or district level. As a prize, usually those of you who win can get a certain amount of Diamonds in addition to cash.

To enter the tournament, make sure you already have a squad of around 4 people.

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Free Diamonds from Web Points Sites

The last way to get free Diamonds which is also safe is to go through a site called Web Points. On this site, you can exchange the coins you get for various items like vouchers, credit, to Diamond Free Fire.

So, you can collect as many coins as possible by carrying out various activities on the site to exchange them for lots of Diamonds.

So, that was a review on how to get free Diamonds for those of you who might not be able to pay to buy one yet. You don't need to worry because the method that you are going to try is of course safe and official.

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