Angel Wings FF Pants, Rare Item Hunted by Survivors

Angel Wings FF pants are quite a rare item so they are hunted by players. Check out the following review to find out more.
Angel Wings FF pants
Angel Wings FF pants

Angel Wings FF pants are quite a rare item so there are still a number of players who are still hunting for this unique item.

Garena as the developer games always seems to provide unique and iconic things for the fans survivors on Free Fire.

Every some time when updates, games there are always different things that often steal the attention of the players.

No wonder then Free Fire recorded the most number of downloads globally in 2019.

To provide an exciting and fun playing experience, Garena continues to innovate in order to improve quality and attract more survivors again.

Items are one of the things that players often focus on because they can use and use these items in the arena.

Even though it has increased so far, items which exist in games Free Fire is indeed quite iconic because there are still players hunting for old and rare items.

Therefore, it can be a special satisfaction for a player who has old items because these items are also relatively rare.

Now, another old item that is no less a target for players is the Angel Wings FF Pants, a trouser item that is synonymous with angel wings.

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About Angel Wings FF Pants

Angle Wings FF pants
Angle Wings FF Pants (Source:

Angel Wings FF pants are one of the items that are wanted by Free Fire players because they are items that are quite old and not easy to get.

Its versatility by combining it with various Bundles increases the desire of players to have it immediately.

Having a unique and different appearance can certainly increase a player's confidence when fighting, including by wearing pants angle this.

The design of the FF Angel Wings Pants comes with white wings resembling wings angel which adds to the player's attractiveness of this item.

For those of you who are survivors just maybe a little curious when the item will be released. Actually, this item has appeared since Free Fire Season 1 and 2.

Because it is classified as old and rare, not all players can easily get this item. They must follow events from Garena in order to get it.

In fact, maybe there are some players who are classified as "sultans" who are willing to spend more Diamonds just to get this pants item.

Apart from that, the luck factor also plays a bit of a role in trying to get it considering that it's not just one player who is after it.

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How to Get Angel Wings FF Pants

Angle Wings FF pants
Angle Wings FF Pants (Source:

Even though it's not easy to get Angel Wings FF Pants, you don't need to worry because there are still opportunities if you try hard.

In general, there are 2 ways to get it, namely by following events Diamond Royale in the last 2 Seasons for male characters. Meanwhile, players can get the female version by doing events login daily for 15 days.

Well, for those of you who missed events there are still several other ways that you can make alternatives.

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Take part in the Gold Pot Event

An alternative way that has a greater chance of getting Angel Wings FF Pants is to take part in the Gold Pot Event. Sadly, events This also actually took place in December last year and will have to wait if events it will come again.

In events In this, players can open various randomly randomized prizes random and you can only get this once a day. To open it, you need toupgrades pot using Diamonds.

Because many are interested in it, it is not impossible that Garena will hold it events again with this rare item prize.

However, this is still limited to speculation considering that Garena himself has not yet provided further official information.

So, maybe you guys can collect Diamonds first so you can immediately follow them at any time events is back.

Buy Angel Wings FF Pants Bundling

The next alternative way that you can do is to buy a Bundling that provides Angel Wings FF Pants items. Most likely you will need a lot of money in the form of Diamonds because rare items are generally expensive.

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Play Spin and Draw

Another alternative way that you can try to get Angel Wings FF Pants is by playing Spin and Draw. The reason is, you have the potential to have the opportunity to get prizes jackpots of this Spin and Draw.

To do Spin and Draw is certainly not free because usually you need to pay for it with a number of Diamonds. If the cost is high, you can buy Diamonds just once to play games with prizes jackpots this.

If you're lucky, you can get Angel Wings FF Pants from Spin and Draw. On the other hand, this game again needs luck because it's not certain that you will get the prize you want all at once spin or rotate.

That's the review about Angel Wings FF Pants which are one of the rare items in Free Fire. You can try some of the alternative methods above because if you're lucky, it's not impossible for the item to be yours.

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