5 Weaknesses of Hero Cecilion in Mobile Legends

Check this post to see Cecilion's weaknesses in Mobile Legends 2022. Where he is rarely used by players in ranked match mode.

Cecilion is one of the most famous mage heroes in Indonesia Mobile Legends, this hero has excellent skills in teamfight and as a push tower.

She has a quirk that her body can blend with this hero as Angelina's highest heroic skill, she can fight for a while. Compared to other Mage heroes, the damage is greater later on, because of his passive skill (Overflow).

However, this hero also has weaknesses. There are five weaknesses of Cecilion's hero as a hero, along with the explanation. You need to know what his weaknesses are in order to understand what he can easily overcome.

If you understand correctly, your performance in the game will improve greatly. See below for a detailed description of Cecilion's hero flaws!

List of Weaknesses of Hero Cecilion

Cannot Lead a Team

Hero Cecilion's weakness
ML heroes

Weaknesses of heroes The first Cecilion was unable to lead the team or bring the team victory. This weakness is caused because he can't directly farm and jungle, this hero is not agile, he doesn't know how to learn and can't even kill the Lord himself.

To minimize the possibility of losing when playing with this hero, you can play with friends and avoid playing solo.

He is classified as a slow-moving hero in Mobile Legends. It will be difficult for this hero to immediately turn around due to his own slow movement. In addition, he also does not have a good escape skill.

To solve this problem, you need the Battle Spell Flicker, which will help you escape from your opponent's pursuit. 

Low Durability

Hero Cecilion's weakness

The second weakness of Cecilion's hero is that he has very low resistance, how come? This is because he is a Hero Mage who doesn't have physical and magical defensive attributes, he also doesn't have a difficult magical lifestyle and won't use defensive items in battle.

As a result, he is quickly killed by enemy heroes and can easily become a feeder. To overcome this, you have to play it safe and use defensive items.

As a master of abs, he apparently has a relatively low level of fitness. This is clearly the weakness of this hero. But don't worry, because you can solve this problem by using defensive equipment to increase its strength. Apart from that, there is one last skill that can give him an HP raining effect.

Very Minimal CC Skills

Hero Cecilion's weakness

The weakness of Cecilion's next hero is the lack of ability for CC which is not good, because he is a Mage hero with enormous chest damage.

Of the five skills this hero has, only one can provide a great control effect, this is his second skill (Sanguine Claws). Because of these weaknesses, it is difficult for him to deal damage from enemies and becomes less lethal.

He himself is also very weak against Crowd Control Heroes. His movements were very tight and he would have a hard time using any of his offensive skills. Make sure you don't just crash into your opponent's Crowd Control Hero, so you won't be easily defeated!

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No Escape Skills

Hero Cecilion's weakness

The weakness of Cecilion's weakest hero is that he doesn't have the ability to blink or escape, which is the deadliest weakness, because he can easily chase, lock, and kill his enemies.

Of the five skills he has, none of them can cause a blink effect. To overcome this weakness, you can use Battle Spell Flicker to flicker, really don't!

He is classified as a slow-moving hero in Mobile Legends. It will be difficult for this hero to immediately turn around due to his own slow movement. Besides that, Cecilion didn't have a good escape skill either. To overcome this problem, you need the Battle Spell Flicker to help you escape your opponent's pursuit.

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Wasteful Use of Mana

Hero Cecilion's weakness

Cecilion, even if the skill wasn't used properly, where was the real waste. Using it was a skill that continuously sucked up Cecilion's manna.

So you have to be careful when using it. You can also use magic items to strengthen Cecilion's mana, such as enchanted talismans and hour of luck. 

The place where the damage caused by the hero's skill cannot be found and can only be targeted. This is of course very detrimental, because he might not be able to attack enemy heroes who are approaching his body, will have difficulty blocking the opponent's hero's movements, and cannot play with light.

To overcome this weakness, you must stay away from the target so that the skills you use hit the target, and you can also use flashing battle spells to avoid melee attacks.

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So, those are some of the weaknesses of the Cecilion Mobile Legends hero that you need to know. It's good to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each so you can maximize your performance when used in the game!

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