VCG Token Weekly Update: December Week 5

VCG Token Weekly Update December Week 5

This time we are back to share the VCG Token Weekly Update. This time we will provide an update for the last week of December 2022 or the end of 2022.

We will convey a number of things in the VCG Token Weekly Update December Week 5. Of course, this is related to the development of VCG Tokens.

We always try to give the best for all holders. This is done by developing products and carrying out projects in accordance with Roadmaps that has been arranged.

Providing information in weekly updates is done as a form of transparency VCGamers in the development of the VCG Token.

Therefore, just take a look at the updates that are available this week!

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VCG Token Weekly Update: December Week 5

VCG Token Roadmap, VCG Token Staking, VCG Token Update
VCG Tokens

We will convey some of the points that will be in the VCG Token Weekly Update this time.

Anything? Let's see!

NFT Marketplace 

Yeay!!! You can now enter VCGamers NFT Marketplace. If you access VCGamers NFT Marketplace via mobile, make sure you access it through the DApp and not another browser. You can also provide criticism and suggestions via this form (Click here). 

You can get royalties from user transactions based on assets in-game you.

Don't forget to register yourself as a creator or your brand as a Brand Official Partner by clicking this link (Click here).

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Gaming Launchpad


You can experience the best virtual pilgrimage rituals right away. Curious about how to practice virtually? Look up the information in RansVerse and visit Kaaba LAND.

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User Wallet Connect

Do you know? Whereas in the connect wallet feature, security or security aspects are the most complex, starting from PNemonics to data storage.

Until now, we are carrying out the internal security testing step by step carefully.

Therefore, we decided to extend the internal security testing period so that your transactions remain safe.

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RansVerse Experience

For those of you who can't wait to explore RansVerse, now you can enter the Closed Alpha version of RansVerse with various types of devices, such as: desktop, mobile and VR.

You can access it on the page

Don't forget to give your feedback or review via this link (Click here).

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Social Hub

VCGamers presents a social-commerce platform that makes it easy for you to connect with lots of new friends.

You can interact starting from sharing posts and much more, you have joined Hubs yet?

If not, hurry up and join and find new ones in the Social Hub.

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Corporate Governance

As a web3 social commerce for gamers, VCGamers has many business lines in both the Web2 and Web3 worlds. Of course, this cannot run optimally without good corporate governance.

The VCGamers corporate governance is led by Isya Sony Subrata as CEO (Chief Executive Operation) who will oversee the entire team to achieve company goals.

Then, there is Hartanto Lee as COO (Chief Operating Officer). Hartanto has the task of overseeing the operational and administrative functions of the company. In addition, also focus on implementation of the VCGamers business plan in accordance with the established business lines. He is also now in charge of VCGamers development in the Web3 field.

Next, there is Ibnu Anggara as CCO (Chief Commercial Officer). Angga has the duty to supervise and ensure the running of the company from the commercial side in accordance with existing business lines. In addition, he is also responsible for Web2.

Furthermore, there is Wafa Taftazani as Chairman who will ensure that investment from all incoming institutional investors is maintained and fulfilled.

For those of you who missed the AMA on December 28, 2022, you can view the recording here. (Click here)

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This is information about the VCG Token Update December Week 5. Stay tuned for information about VCG Token only at VCGamers News!

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