What's the point of using Hero Selena if Lele keeps missing?


Who is Hero Selena?

Hola Vicigers! Hero Selena is one heroes which is very unique in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Selena's abilities depend on accuracy skills Abyssal Arrows or what is often referred to as "Lele". skills this is very deadly if the enemy is good at early game nor late game.

Selena is Assassin Heroes at a time Mage who is very famous in Mobile Legends, even though he is Assassin Heroes and Mage but it is often used as hero support.Selena or who is often called this beautiful witch has several skills.

Selena's Hero Skills

selena's hero skills

skills the passive that Selena has is Symbiosis, she has two modes. First any Elven mode skillsit delivers Abyssal Mark on the enemy or give a mark to mark two pieces Abyssal Mark.

The second is fashion Abyssal, every hero skills Selena who hits the enemy then she will use one marks to give 290-500 magic damage.

Elven Mode has 3 skills that is skills one Abyssal Traps which is where Selena will summon Abyssal Devils at the desired location. If the enemy approached Selena, marks that will give magic damage and reduce movement speed 40% for 2 seconds.

skills two Abyssal Arrows, Selena will shoot arrows Abyssal towards the enemy, if it hits the enemy then he will give damage and stun up to 4 seconds, and Ultimate skill: Primal Darkness i.e. Selena will change in form Abyssal as well as get movement speed of 30%.

Mode Abyssal also have 3 skills that is skills one Soul Eaters that can provide magic damage on assault and will gain shields that can withstand anything.

skills two Garrite ie if skills it's about abyssall mark Selena then skill cooldowns it will go away. skills last ie Ultimate: Blessing of the moon which is where Selena will return to her Elven form and provide extras movement speed 30% in a few seconds.

Heroes Selena, she is heroes very active in early game which can use a combination Abyssal to lanes to mark the enemy.

In addition, at the time midgame Selena can use a combination skills one Abyssal Traps and Soul Eaters in order to farming which is faster. If there is an enemy then it can direct Abyssal Arrows.

Lane used to determine the tasks performed in the team. The best lane for Selena is to be able to take lane jungling, Mid lane or maybe Roaming. Selena has a fast way of being core heroes when he takes lane jungling.

Election build for heroes Selena is used to cover weaknesses as well as to maximize the strengths that Selena has. The build that must be used for Selena is Demon Shoes, Clock of Destiny, Calamity Reaper, Lightning Truncheon, Holy Cristal and DivineGalives to make heroes Selena is overpowered.

Tips for Using Hero Selena

build hero selena

Tips for conquering the game heroes Selena one of them is using hero skill combos Selena. skills one or Abyssal Traps then make a throw skill two Abyssal Arrows right above skills one, then next use Ultimate Primal Darkness skill, approach the target then activate it skills one Soul Eaters and press basic attacks.

Another tip is to navigate skills two garrote to the target twice then use basic attacks return. That's skill combos deadliest of heroes Selena, quite difficult but very deadly.

Selena has stun skills which is lethal causes it to become hero support. Besides that the Abyssal Trap skill can be used to unlock folder, Selena has damage big on early game and heroes that doesn't depend on buff. So that heroes This Selena can serve as hero core, hero mage, at a time hero support.

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Final, skills Selena is capable of effect crowd control namely by skills one Abyssal Traps reduce movement speed target of 70% and gives 350 (+150% total magic power). Then skills two Abyssal arrows give effect stun for 0.5 to 3 seconds. Deadly isn't it?

So, that's how to keep Selena's "Lele" from continuously missing in this Mobile Legends game. Good luck!

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