Uranus Vs Baxia, Which Jungler is the Best in Mobile Legends?

When comparing Uranus vs Baxia as the strongest jungler, maybe the two are even. However, they have their own advantages.
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Uranus. Source: VCGamers

Players' favorite tank and mainstay when playing in the Land of Dawn is Uranus Vs Baxia. So, where is the jungler Mobile Legends the best among them?

Recently, the battles in the Land of Dawn have become more difficult, especially with the presence of the jungler meta-tank. The meta presented by High from Aura Fire is indeed very dangerous, because using a tank as a wrestling jungler is of course very difficult for the enemy, because the cores they face are hard to beat.

Unfortunately, not all heroes can be used for this meta. Because there are some special details to make it effective with the game. Currently, there are two heroes to watch out for: Uranus Vs Baxia. Both are lethal if trusted to hold their ground in the forest.

But are they both strong? To find out, this time we will discuss which of Uranus Vs Baxia is the deadliest when used as a jungler. Come on, see the following article.

Comparison of Uranus Vs Baxia


Uranus vs Baxia

The name of a tank hero definitely gives them incredible durability. Most heroes in this role are designed to withstand enemy attacks while protecting teammates in battle. However, Uranus himself has an important passive, namely the ability to change blood.

In contrast to Baxia which relies on reducing passive damage when the enemy attacks, reducing the enemy's ability to regenerate HP. However, it is clear that Uranus, with its ability to change in the long term, is stronger than him.

The problem is that the more attacks you take, the more HP you need to replenish. However, that doesn't mean Baxia is weak. However, this ability to change can be very important for a forest tank.

The reason was that even though they were the main force in the team, they had to take the lead in dealing damage while holding back attacks. The thickness level of the two must be different because of the ability to change HP.


Uranus vs Baxia
The Gameplay

As before, Uranus was met with resistance, but Baxia wasn't much better off in terms of DPS either. The attacks per second resulting from skill two and its ultimate make Baxia quite difficult to contain.

The burning power of his ultimate is also capable of giving a slow effect. Of course at this moment it is very easy to get a kill. 

If you are a Uranus user, you will know that this Hero requires more effort when you want to kill an enemy. The use of his skills must also be tug-of-war to outsmart his passive.

For Baxia, once you activate Ultimate, the user becomes a nuisance. Without further ado, spam skills and the right opponent will certainly continue to die.

Even though Uranus now has an effect on his first stacking skill, Baxia's calculations are even better. Baxia's spam skills are terrifying, even when dealing with tanks. Not to mention, Baxia is included in the ranks of heroes with low mechanics. It's not too difficult in the game to maximize its potential.

Farming Speed

Uranus vs Baxia

Regarding who annoyed the opponent the most, the two were clearly the same. Because these two heroes can spam jungle cleaning abilities.

However, for high energy, Baxia's two abilities are more effective than Uranus's. After modifying this skill with Moonton, the cooling loss effect can still be active when they are attacked by monsters in the jungle. 

So while farming you just have to press skill two all the time until the buff monster dies. Moreover, to get to other buffs, Baxia is also faster with his first skill.

The additional stun effect is also a plus as an initial installment of damage to monsters. If Uranus's movements are normal like the majority of other junglers, then the time efficiency needed is longer than Baxia's.


Uranus vs Baxia

A jungler, he was very rude when he didn't turn around to help his colleagues at other jobs. The reason is that by turning you can control the path and thereby limit the enemy's attack area. Teams will be able to explore enemy forests more freely, so they won't be able to farm.

With his first skill, Baxia can quickly switch to another job. When the enemy saw the wheel turning towards them, they immediately became lazy and decided to retreat. You can use this opportunity to stop the enemy side or offlaners by creating pressure towers.

Meanwhile, Uranus doesn't have much control over the swarm, even though it is very dense. Therefore, the enemy can still dare to fight. Also, the game is not scattered Baxia, so if Uranus turns around, the enemy has a chance to escape or even attack.

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Uranus vs Baxia

Of course, to guarantee complete victory, you must succeed in team battles. The reason is, Baxia and Uranus have their own advantages and disadvantages. In terms of directing heroes, Baxia is more qualified because he can penetrate even past weak heroes on the opposing side.

The level of barbarism is also different, because Uranus still has to rely on his passivity. Therefore, Uranus users are not always in the forefront.

However, if a Baxia user were to get caught in the middle of a war, there would be no turning back. Since Baxia was always in front, it was clear that he died faster than Uranus, who relied on tug of war. Even the damage done by Uranus is greater because the area is quite large if all players gather in one place.

After explaining the difference between Uranus vs Baxia, they are actually equally effective as a forest. However, you must understand these five points, because they will determine your game against your teammates.

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In addition, in choosing one of them must be accompanied by a good composition. What do you think? Please write your answer in the comments column, OK!

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