6 Best Pets for Free Fire Passive Skills in Season 27

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There are some of the best pets for you to combine with passive skills Free Fire in season 27. Because not all pets are compatible with passive abilities. The following is a recommendation of 6 pets that you can combine.

Characters in Free Fire have various abilities which are classified as active or passive. The former must be activated manually while on the battlefield, while the latter is always active.

In the same way, in-game pets have special skills that gamers can use to improve their overall performance.

As a result, many people are looking for the best pet choices to combine with Free Fire's passive skills. Here are the best pets to choose with passive Free Fire skills in season 27.

List of Combo Pets with Free Fire Season 27 Passive Skills

Agent Hops

Free Fire Passive Skills
Agent Hops

Agent Hop's skill is a good choice for Battle Royale mode, and it gives players 30 EP whenever the Safe Zone shrinks during a match. The amount increases to 50 EP when the pet is at the highest level in Free Fire. This pet fits perfectly with Free Fire's passive skills.

Whether gamers land in the heat or choose a safer landing spot, their focus must rest on survival. Even if they adopt a passive playstyle, the user must focus on moving around and targeting vulnerable enemies in order to survive.

Another aspect of matches in Garena Free Fire is the shrinking of the safe zone, which usually leads to an early defeat if the player does not have enough health equipment. That's when a pet like Agent Hop becomes important because it recovers EP whenever the zone shrinks.

So it doesn't matter if the user is outside the safe zone or inside, and the extra EP really helps, especially during rushes. Furthermore, they can take advantage of each shrinking zone during a Free Fire match, which ultimately helps them in the final zone fight once they manage to survive.


Free Fire Passive Skills

You can also combo Free Fire passive skills with Beaston. Beaston's abilities increase the throwing range of grenades, gloo walls, flashbangs, and smoke grenades by 10 percent.

After reaching the peak level in Free Fire, the throwing distance increases to 30 percent, allowing players to use these items more effectively.

Due to the substantial increase in throwing ability with Beaston, players can gain an advantage in various combat situations, especially those involving attacks.

Using the increased throwing range during end zone fights allows them to attack enemies efficiently.

In addition to increasing assistance when rushing, Beaston also allows gamers to improve throwing accuracy. This pet is excellent for deploying gloo walls at greater distances to distract or trick enemies when rushing.

Detective Panda

Free Fire Passive Skills

Detective Panda is great for users who like to play aggressively. The Panda's Blessings skill grants four health points each time the player makes a kill, and ten health is regained at maximum level. Users can combine this with passive characters like Jota.


Free Fire Passive Skills

The next Free Fire pet combo with passive skill is Dreki. With Dreki equipped, the user can see a single opponent using a medkit within 10m for three seconds. This can help them plan their next steps.

When at the highest level, they will be able to find a total of three enemies within 30 meters for five seconds.


Free Fire Passive Skills

Falcon's abilities causing a 15 percent increase in gliding speed while parachuting. This further increases the dive speed after the parachute is open by 25 percent. These two effects jumped to 45 percent and 50 percent, respectively, at their highest levels. Furthermore, this skill applies to the entire team.

Landing quickly is very important in every Garena Free Fire match because it allows a few extra seconds for the user to collect supplies and adapt to the terrain in a certain location.

Thus, early landing becomes important when they have adopted an aggressive gameplay strategy and choose hot drops to land.

A pet like Falco becomes very useful as it offers increased gliding and driving speed. As such, the raise is crucial, allowing players to land seconds earlier than their opponents.

If they land on a hot spot, they can simply choose their favorite weapon and wait for their opponent to land.

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Free Fire Passive Skills

Mr Waggor is one of the most popular cellphones in Free Fire. He has a great skill called Smooth Gloo which greatly benefits the player during gameplay. Therefore, Waggors are also considered as one of the best pets.

The last Combo pet with Free Fire's passive skill is Waggor. The Smooth Gloo ability allows pets to create a gloo wall every 120 seconds when the player doesn't have one. This utility item can provide protection in dire situations.

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Mr Waggor will generate one gloo wall every 100 seconds at the highest rate if the individual has less than two gloo walls.

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