Trying American Style Football in a Retro Bowl

Football is everyone's favorite sport, the Indonesian people are too. Even in America, football is the idol of most of the people. But American Football is not a sport that is commonly found in other countries. Football is the term for soccer, only in America this sport is called soccer. Want to know American Football, try the game first Retro Bowls the following.

Retro Style Football

According to the American people, football is American Football with its parent organization being the NFL (National Football League). For game lovers who also happen to like American Football, the developer New Star Games presents an interesting game, namely Retro Bowls. Retro American Football is a glimpse of this Retro Bowl game. So in this game, players have a mission to handle a football team, then lead them to compete until they become champions. It can be said that this game is a combination of games with management concepts and simulations presented in a retro look.

Handle Teams

Players become the manager of the American Football team, of course there are many tasks that must be done. A manager must be able to manage all the players who are members of the team, recruit new players, raise player salaries, choose coaches, and much more. Appearance Retro Bowls indeed the interface looks simple. Players can give time off to tired team members, check competition schedules, check rankings, and more.

When the match is in progress, players cannot observe team members moving on the field, only a limited explanation is shown about what was going on at that time. Similar to the popular Football Manager game simulation system in the past. It's just that skilled players come into the match to take part in the action, because every few times, incidents can occur that the manager has to control. Players can observe and then compete alone on the field against the enemy team.

Inner team Retro Bowls You can win if you are able to launch a touchdown, namely kicking the ball beyond the high goal. Then at the end of the match, whoever has the most scores, that team wins. Interestingly, after the game, players as managers can praise or otherwise scold team members and coaches for the bad results obtained. Of course, it can also have an impact, for example strengthening or otherwise weakening the spirit of team members. So in this Retro Bowl the challenge is if the players as managers are able to lead the American Football team that they lead to become the league champions.

Offline Games

Retro Bowls  presented with a completely retro look, just like games in the past 80s. Also, do not forget that the music and effects are also presented as retro. That way it really presents the sensation of old school games but is still interesting and fun to play. Presented as a free game, Retro Bowl certainly doesn't need Internet access at all. That way it can run even if the cellphone runs out of quota. In fact, this game also doesn't adopt a stamina system, so it really seems like the legendary 80s retro game. The microtransaction menu in the Retro Bowl is prepared for players who need to redeem Coaching Credits and Unlimited Mode.

Retro Bowl Games in general it's not bad, it's just that maybe the target users who like the game American Football for Indonesia are less. That way only a few gamers are interested in playing the Retro Bowl.

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