Manor Matters, Exciting Adventure Full of Mystery

Games with a detective concept still have a lot of fans. There is a certain preoccupation if you can find an object hidden in a secret place. Adding to the collection of fun and exciting games, is here Manor Matters. Is Castlewood, an old manor building filled with mystery. When players suddenly acquire the manor's legacy, a thrilling adventure begins.

Hidden Object Games

At the beginning of the game, players will be picked up by Carl to start an adventure to explore various corners of the manor. Players will start researching and then redecorate it so that it looks as magnificent as before. Manor Matters  is an adventure game with the hidden objects concept presented by Playrix which is very interesting to try because it offers several advantages compared to games with the same concept.

In Manor Matters  In this case, the player must complete the level to earn stars that can be used to work on decorating the manor. The player's mission is to find hidden items in each level. Here the player will get a certain amount of time to complete the level. Players can use zoom in or zoom out which is useful for observing the game area more clearly. As usual, completing a stage will give players several stars. There are many uses for the star, especially in facilitating the game and leveling up.

3 Tools

Deep player Manor Matters  prepared 3 unit tools that will support completing a level more easily. The first is the Magnifying Glass whose function is to be able to find objects quickly. Then there is Dart with the function of looking for three objects at once, then the Compass tool, with the use of a kind of radar within 20 seconds to find hidden objects.

As a game with the concept of decoration, in Manor Matters In this case, players can take advantage of their star collection to carry out actions. n It can take the form of cleaning a location, opening doors, starting a fire in the fireplace, and many more. Interestingly, players are also allowed to collect stars by completing levels at will, then continue playing the story when they already have a lot of stars.

Cool Isometric Graphics

Manor Matters  presented using isometric patterned visuals, detailed with eye-catching animated depictions. Carl's character and all the components on the screen can move dynamically. Like watching a cool animated film, Manor Matters does have its advantages in this section. When enjoying hidden objects, players will witness a beautiful place up close, where players can also play cute mini games. Then of course not to be left behind, the skills of the players in building the manor decoration make it look very enchanting.

Completely Online Games

There are limitations of the game Manor Matters  which even though it's free to play, the device must always be connected to the internet. Players must be online to be able to open this game, then there is still a stamina system that reduces the chance for players to complete a level at one time. Of course, if players want to buy various cheap packages when they want to add coins, fill up stamina, or get tools, Manor Matters also provides a microtransaction feature with low rates.

In general, Manor Matters games are not that different from games with a match-three puzzle concept decorated with decorating or designing activities. However, the mysterious story in the manor that seems to be inhabited by ghosts is part of the advantages of this game which will make players curious to continue playing it. Try now Manor Matters  to feel the excitement and aura full of mystery that is very pronounced.

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