Tricks and Tips for Lucky Spin Hero Ling Mobile Legends May 2021  

Tricks and Tips for Lucky Spin Hero Ling Mobile Legends May 2021   


Hello Vicigers, who the hell is it that if Spin is really hard to get??? Eits, don't worry Vicigers, here are the tricks and tips for the Lucky Spin hero Ling in early May 2021 that you should know, a la

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Moonton has just updated their lucky spin prize by presenting the Ling hero in it, which is quite meaningful especially for the players

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Players can of course get it for free, but they have to gacha first on this Lucky Spin. the problem is that gacha requires a fairly high luck factor.

So here Vicigers will help you to get this Ling hero, Vicigers will provide tips and tricks to get Ling hero in Lucky Spin.

Maximum Draw 100-200 Tickets Per Day

Tricks and Tips for Lucky Spin Hero Ling Mobile Legends May 2021  
Source : Drawxlin

The first tip is to draw a minimum of 100 tickets and a maximum of 200 tickets per day using spin 20 tickets.

For players, don't be in a hurry because the lucky spin has just been updated by Moonton. with a draw with 100-200 tickets per day first.

So, Vicigers, if you get close to the Lucky Spin prizes being changed, then you will immediately draw it all out. Take out all the tickets you have to get this Ling hero.

Usually getting heroes in lucky spin is quite difficult compared to getting skins.

Follow tutorials on Youtube

This second tip follows a tutorial on YouTube. There are lots of YouTubers who provide tutorials for this lucky spin hero Ling. One of them is a YouTuber with a very large number of viewers

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