Best FF Max Top Up Prize for March 2022

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Garena often gives top up prizes FF Max to all players. So, we have summarized some of the best FF Max top up prizes for March 2022.

Top-up events are common in Free Fire MAX, and developers are constantly adding new ones to the game.

At the time of writing, 'Flash Top Up' is active in this battle royale game, and gives players the chance to get new pets, some skins, and pet skills.

These events are primarily designed to encourage players to spend real money for premium in-game currency. Once each player reaches the diamond top up threshold, you will receive a free gift.

You need to underline that the following list of the best top up events is based on the VCGamers version.

List of the Best FF Max Top Up Prizes for 2022

Below are some of the best FF Max top up prizes that you can get in March 2022.

100 Percent Bonus Diamonds

The Best FF Max Top Up Prize
Top Up

The 100 percent diamond bonus is the most profitable top-up event for players in Free Fire MAX. As the name implies, they give away a huge 100 percent additional diamonds, giving players a much better deal on the purchase.

Nonetheless, it cannot be considered rare and has appeared several times over the years. Last year, it was added to the Indonesian server during the FF Booyah celebration.

The best FF Max top up prize is always awaited by players around the world. Garena will give you 100 percent cashback, bro!

Flowers Of Love

The Best FF Max Top Up Prize
FF Emotes

Flowers of Love is considered one of the rarest emotes added to the game. Flowers Of Love appeared in a top-up event a few years ago.

Users can obtain it by purchasing the specified number of diamonds. Flowers Of Love is one of the events that gives the best FF Max top up prizes so far.

However, the emote was recently reintroduced as part of Valentine's Wish a few weeks ago, giving players another chance to get their hands on it.

Bloodmoon Katanas

The Best FF Max Top Up Prize
Blood Moon

Blood Moon Katana takes third place in the list of the best FF Max top up prizes and is another great prize offered by Garena through the top up event.

The Blood Moon Katana was initially available in September 2019, and there are two other prizes besides the skin, the Vampire Backpack and the Double Skull Surfboard.

Players can get all items after purchasing a total of 500 diamonds in the game.

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McLaren P1™ – Helios

The Best FF Max Top Up Prize

It can be said that McLaren P1™ – Helios is the best FF Max top up prize of all time. Collaboration items are generally rare, and it's not easy to add back to Free Fire MAX. As a result, users go to great lengths to get their hands on it.

The McLaren Helios is a collaboration item that the developer added last year through a McLaren top-up event. An exclusive legendary emote called 'Win and Chill' is also available during the same event.

Apart from having an attractive appearance, there is one more thing that makes this Sport Car skin steal the attention of many FF players. This is the addition of statistics that complements this skin vehicle.

The increase of two acceleration points on this skin does not increase the maximum speed of the car, but accelerates the Sports Car to reach the highest speed that can be achieved.

FFWC Throne

FF Max Top Up Prize
FFWC Throne

FFWC Throne is the last best FF Max top up prize list. FFWC Throne occupies the top position and is probably the best item that is given for free through the diamond top-up event.

FFWC Throne takes place around the time of the Free Fire World Cup 2019, which is the game's first International Championship.

At that time, users only needed to buy 300 diamonds to get the FFWC Throne prize.

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Those were the five best FF Max top up prizes for March 2022. From all of them, maybe McLaren P1™ – Helios is the number one best FF Max top up prize. According to Vicigers friends, which one is the best?

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