Apex Legends Tier List in Season 17

Apex Legends Tier List

Until now, there are many characters available in Apex Legends, so the many choices make it quite difficult to decide which legends to use. So, if you are confused about which character to use, here is the tier list for Apex Legends Season 17.

Apex Legends currently has a total of 24 characters. So that puts you in a position with so many choices to choose Legend. However, your choice is not far from playing style or needs in a team. 

In the Apex Legends game, legends or characters can become stronger if you practice them often. Even low-level characters can become great when in the right hands, and supported by the right weapons. 

However, you still have to prioritize legends with high tier lists in Apex Legends. 

So, for those of you who are curious about the character tier list in Apex Legends, let's take a look at the following discussion!

Apex Legends Tier List

Apex Legends Tier List
Tier List Legend. Source: Dexerto

The following is a complete tier list in this game:

  • Tier S: Bloodhound, Valkyrie, Seer, Horizon
  • Tier A: Ash, Caustic, Wraith, Lifeline, Octane, Loba, Gibraltar, Catalyst, Ballistic
  • Tier B: Wattson, Vantage, Bangalore, Maggie, Newcastle, Pathfinder, Revenant, Fuse, Mirage
  • Tier C: Rampart, Crypto
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Tier S character

Apex Legends Tier List
Tier S character. Source: Dexerto


Despite getting nerfed this season, Bloodhound remains a strong legend and deserves to be in tier S.

He is able to fight against Bangalore smoke, highlight enemies, as well as has speed. With this ability, Bloodhound becomes a very powerful legend if used properly. 


Valkyrie is a great legend for hunting enemies or escaping from dangerous situations. In addition, her Missile Swarm can slow down enemies when they push. 

The Valkyrie's Skyward Dive also allows the team to change positions very quickly, while gathering information while flying.


Seers are legends who have great abilities in gathering information. The Exhibit is one of the best scanning capabilities in the game, providing the team with constant information about whereabouts of enemies. 

Her techniques can also uncover enemies like Bloodhound, as well as interfere with healing and other abilities like Valkyrie's Skyward Dive. With everything he has, makes a Seer a legend that is useful in almost any situation.


Horizon is a great legend for movement, while its Blackholes can cause a lot of trouble for the enemy team if placed correctly.

In close combat, the Blackhole can provide an opportunity for the team to push or hold the enemy. 

Horizon's Spacewalk is a very helpful boost to her movement abilities and the Gravity Lift can give teams high ground when needed.

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 Tier A character

Apex Legends Tier List
Tier List Characters A. Source: Dexerto


Ash can be a good legend in rotating teams. Phase Breach is a great way for your team to escape from difficult situations.

Ash's Arc Snare has minimal effect in most situations, but can frustrate enemies if used properly.


Caustic is a legend who has a good defense. His Nox Gas Trap ability can help the team lock a building.

For his ultimate, he can force the enemy team to retreat and give your team time to recover.


The Wraith is still a good choice, as his ability to get the team out of a dangerous position is invaluable. 

Wraith can help the team in choosing and determining when to engage or run away from the fight. 


Lifeline is an effective support legend with the DOC Heal Drone and its passive. However, the Combat Revive for some people is still difficult to use effectively. 

With the new system, Lifeline can now create banners to revive your team members, which makes it even better as a legend support.


Octane can become a powerful legend when combined with other legend movements. His Jump Pad can help the team to reach areas that are out of reach, but will be very vulnerable to attacks while in the air. 

He is a great legend for aggressive players, as it allows you to rotate in and out of battle with great ease. 


Loba makes for a fine legend in endgame play, where his Black Market Boutique can allow your team to access much-needed loot in the small ring. 

His movement ability, Burglars Best Friend, is great because it is teleportation, but if you don't understand it it can be very confusing playing it.


Gibraltar is a good choice, as he can take a lot more damage than most of the other legends.

Meanwhile, he is also able to protect the team from enemy attacks. His Ultimate, Defensive Bombardment is great in an open area. But on the other hand, he has the potential to become an easy target with his big hitboxes and long cooldown duration.


Catalyst is a legend defense with good abilities. This legend is very effective in the endgame because of its ability to lock the area in the ring for the team. 

When combined with characters like Wattson or Caustic, enemies will have a hard time pushing your team. 

In addition, when used properly, Catalyst's ultimate ability, Dark Veil, can be very effective in helping you escape from enemies or pushing other teams.


Ballistic is a new legend in Season 17. Its passive allows you to carry a third weapon without attachments. The Ballistic ability gives enemy players a debuff that causes them to take damage when they fire their weapon. 

Her ultimate gives the team major buffs, including fast reloads, unlimited ammo, and movement speed buffs. 

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Tier B character

Apex Legends Tier List
Tier List B characters. Source: Dexerto


In the last few rings of the game, Wattson is arguably the best legend that is suitable for holding an area in the end game. 

His Perimeter Security and Intercept Pylon can lock a building and fight the ultimate abilities of many legends. But in the early to mid game, Wattson is not a great legend.


The Vantage is very good at ranged combat. His Spotter's Lens and Sniper's Mark abilities give him an edge in sniper combat. 

Her Echo Relocation is a great movement ability, but requires line of sight. In close combat, Vantage has a poor performance compared to other legends.


Bangalore is a legend with simple yet effective skills. Rolling Thunder is great both offensively and defensively. 

His passive moves are also useful for escaping from difficult situations, or pushing enemies away. Bangalore's smoke ability is one of the most versatile abilities in all of legend, as is his ultimate. With this ability, Bangalore has become a very valuable legend this season.


Maggie can be a good rotation legend if used properly. His ultimate, Wrecking Ball, provides a nice movement speed boost for your team and allows you to rotate in and out of combat. 

Tactically, Riot Drill is very strong because it can push enemies out of cover. Maggie's abilities are a bit too specific to rank higher, but at the right moment she can make a difference.


Newcastle is a legend of great defense when you need to support your team. His Castle Wall and Mobile Shield are abilities that can save the team in many situations. Newcastle's Mobile Shield can also be useful for peeking at the enemy team.


Pathfinder is a character with great movement and rotation. Her ultimate is effective for rotating teams into or out of battle. 

The Pathfinder which is in the skirmisher class allows you to scan care packages to reset the ultimate. With this, your team can have very consistent boundaries for moving around the map.


Revenant can be a good legend in certain situations. On vertical maps, he can escape from bad situations with Stalker, and his Death Totem can be a good way to push back enemies in certain situations. 

Silence is a useful ability that can prevent key abilities like the Wraith portal, but because it's easy to dodge and spot, it's not very useful. 


Fuse has many useful capabilities. His cluster of knuckles can hold an area, and with him being an assault class legend, he can now store more ammo which means more room for grenades. 

His ultimate, if used properly, can be effective for controlling space in combat and trapping enemies.


Mirage is an okay choice in most situations. He can aid your team in reviving with his passive ability, but his baits are easy to find and his ultimate rarely allows you to escape. The Mirage doesn't add much to the team outside of this particular situation.

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Tier C character

Apex Legends Tier List
Tier C character. Source: Dexerto


Rampart is a mediocre legend. The Amped Cover is unimpressive and can be easily countered and destroyed. 

The Ultimate Mobile Minigun deals a fair amount of damage, but leaves you vulnerable and requires good positioning. Rampart is best used for defensive teams, but there are better options than this character.


Crypto is one of the few legends who doesn't have a strong counter against his ultimate, Drone EMP. EMP can deal considerable damage and provide a good opportunity for the team to push in battle. 

His passive is useful for providing information about enemies to the team, but it lacks range and can be easily shot from down.

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