This is the Correct Way to Use Hero Fanny!

hero fanny

Things to Master

Hola Vicigers! Hero Fanny is one heroes which is quite difficult to master or use in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. To master heroes This takes a long time, even up to weeks.

Even though Hero Fanny is difficult to use, you don't need to worry, because there are several things you can do to master it heroes  this one. Here are the things that need to be done:

  • Mastering the contents of the map

Memorize all the contents contained in the map, so that when using it skills 2 strikes won't miss.

  • Must master the combination of skills 2 owned by Fanny

skills it is used to move and can also give damage big on opponents.

  • Nimble or fast hand

The next thing that must be mastered is agility, because if you are not agile, Fanny will be easily killed by your opponent.

  • Knowing the right time to start fighting

Players must pay attention to the right time to fight, for example, don't enter a battle or turret if the opponent has skills for stun or crowd control.

Items Used

The following are the best items that are often used by the top player Fanny's heroes:

Bloodlust Ax


This item is recommended for players to buy, because it will give +10% cooldown reduction, +20% vampire spells, and also +70 physical attacks, which means that each skill kill this Fanny hero hits the enemy, it will increase Fanny's blood because vampire spells.

Blade of The 7 seas

Blade of The 7 seas

The next item to use is blade of the 7 seas, because this item will give +300 HP, +75 physical attacks as well as the unique passive that comes from this item which is going to lower physical defense from the opponent by 25 points (happened before damage) and will also last for 3 seconds.

Wings of The Apocalypse Queen

This item is one of the items that will give +10% cooldown reduction, +1000HP, +15 physical attacks and will provide lifesteal 15%. This item will reduce damage received by 40%.

Rose Gold Meteor


The next item is rose gold meteors. This item is recommended to use because it will give +5% lifesteal, +60 physical attack, +30 magic res and also the unique passive of this item can absorb 510-1350 damage (increases with level) when HP is below +0%.


build lancelot immortality-1

Items that must be used next namely immortality, because this item can give +40 magic res, +800 HP, and how awesome this item can make heroes revives for 2 seconds after death and can gain HP as well shields which can absorb 300 to 1000 points damage. This item also has cooldown for 3 minutes after use.

Blade of Despair

The last item that is recommended is blade of despair, because on this item will give +10% attackspeed, +170 physical attacks and also if the enemy is hit stun, then this item will add damage as many as 10%.

How How to use skillshis?

In this game, Fanny's hero is feared by opponents because of his flying ability which can increase damage attacks that he gives to opponents, besides that Fanny also has skills very qualified, here is an explanation of how to use skills owned by Fanny:

  • skills passive : Air Superiority

skills this passive if used while he is flying, then damage attack will increase by 15% up to 30% and will also make Prey Mark towards an attainable target stack even up to two times.

skills it will also deliver damage to opponents who have prey mark will increase Fanny's energy by 10 points per swipe with the opponent.

  • skills 1 : Tornado Strike

On skills this, Fanny's hero will spin his sword, then it will produce 260 physical damage to the enemies around him. skills It can also use up to 25 energy cost and have time for cooldown for 3.5 seconds.

  • skills 2 : Steel Cable

Moment skills If this is used, Fanny's hero will throw the cable that pulls it on the object it hits. In every cable discharge in 3 seconds it will reduce mana by 1. However, if the energy is enough, it can cause a tornado strikes.

  • Ultimate: Cut Throat

skills this last one will start when Fanny's hero attacks his opponent, and will produce 500 physical damage.

If the opponent has prey maker so damage on skills this will increase by 20% per layer. Usually skills it is used at the moment finishing for opponents whose blood has started to run out.

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