5 Best War Games for Android Offline, Very Exciting!

best war game for android offline

The best offline android war game is one of the most popular games for android users. Because, in war game, players can have two fun at the same time. 

The joy of battle is like the joy of leading an army. Moreover, the best war games for android offline are often full of different fights which makes them attractive to game lovers. Because not only to attack and attack, but they are needed to control the direction.

Unfortunately, most war games are based on existing online games. Where our opponents are usually other players, such as COC games.

Of course, war games of this type require a lot of data expenditure. You will be more interested in online war games. Because in this way we don't need to remove data that is consumed while playing. 

List of the Best Offline Android War Games

In this article, you will find out the best offline Android war games. Just go to the first list.

Plants Vs Zombies 2 

Game Laptop RAM 2GB Plants vs Zombies
Game Plants vs. Zombies. Source: Steam

Who is not familiar with the game Plants Vs Zombies 2? It seems that there is no need to explain what kind of game it is. Because this game is popular especially for the desktop version. Almost everyone has played this game.

This game fits into the genre of war games, as well as strategy games. All you need to build is a strong plant empire to earn coins and defeat zombies trying to eat plants.

The gameplay of this game is actually very simple, but because of this simplicity, this game is very popular. The game is just a Plants Vs Zombies battle. The game characters use beautiful graphics with unique characters. 



This offline android best war game gives you different roles and characters to defeat the enemy. In this game, you will be invited to go on a journey to save the magical world of Zenonia. The battles that take place in this game take place in real life.

So you have to defeat hundreds of enemies that attack you with all the power you have during your journey.

If you manage to defeat the enemy, your character will get new changes and their character will improve. Content rating 12+, which includes moderate violence and sexual harassment. 



This action game presented by Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited has the theme of war. In fact, your task in this game is to attack all the enemies in front of you and avoid shots that can come from various strange angles.

The gameplay presented by the developer is very interesting because you will be involved in big battles. In addition, Android games that can be played without an internet connection also have a very good design.

Drone Shadow Strike requires concentration to be able to win any mission. You will be told to go through various battles with fighter planes and drones. To be able to win any mission, you must focus on the objective of the game.

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best war game for android offline
Respawnables is the best war game for android offline

If you are looking for a unique and unusual offline android war game, then Respawnablesbes from a large developer called Digital Legends Entertainment SL based in Barcelona, ​​​​Spain, is an essential.

Yes, because this Android game comes with expensive 3D animated characters and very exciting gameplay because it is different from many similar games.

Interestingly, besides being able to be played online, the developer also offers an offline mode feature with 185 tasks that must be completed. 

Respawnables also uses an upgrade system that unlocks more powerful weapons as you level up. Apart from that, Respawnables also uses a skill improvement tree like an RPG, here you can choose skills such as increasing HP or making cooldowns and so on.

But you have to use the money you earn in the game to pay for upgrading the skills you have.

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That was the title of the best offline Android war game from VCGamers which you can get for free. If you also have a similar flagship game that you play every day, don't hesitate to provide suggestions via the comments column, okay?

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