Sova, Archer Agent And Informer! EPIC ! #language agent 11

Sova, Archer Agent And Informer! #language agent 11

Hello vicigers, back again in the # segmentagent language Well, in #language, this time we will discuss agent Sova, an archer agent and information provider for the team.

This agent has the special ability to track enemies easily and can make it difficult for enemies to hide. In addition, Agent Sova has an initiator type that can make teammates enter simultaneously to force the defenders to retreat.

So, let's continue discussing what skills Sova has, here is the explanation:

The first exists Owl Drones : Sova can issue a Owl Drones which can be controlled to find out the location of the enemy. In addition, when using Owl Drones, you can shoot a dart to mark the enemy in a few moments.

Sova, Archer Agent And Informer! #language agent 11

The second exists Shock Bolt : Sova can shoot an arrow that can explode and deal damage to enemies. Apart from that, Shock Bolt is often used for face checking of enemies hiding behind an object or wall.

Sova, Archer Agent And Informer! #language agent 11Sova, Archer and PemSova Agent, Archer Agent and Information Giver! #language agent 11give information! #language agent 11

The third exists Recon Bolt : Sova can shoot an arrow that can track the whereabouts of the opponent by scanning the area. Apart from that, you can also reflect the arrow by pressing the Alternate Fire button and this method also applies to Shock Bolt.

Sova, Archer Agent And Informer! #language agent 11

Finally, there is an ulti from Sova, namely Hunters Fury : Sova can shoot arrows with channeling effects on Hunter's Fury. Each enemy affected by this effect will deal damage and mark the whereabouts of the enemy's position, but when you activate the ultimate you cannot change your weapon.

Sova, Archer Agent And Informer! #language agent 11

So that's an explanation of the skills possessed by Sova, what do the vicigers think? Is it suitable or not with the game Vicigers? Sova can be the core of the team's attack if the player using it knows what to do when it opens the war.

Okay, let's move on to how to play or gameplay from Sova, here is the gameplay:

Sova is very suitable for use as an attack or defense team, because it has the ability to track information on enemy whereabouts and this can be seen by teammates. Not only that, Recon Bolt can also be used for area scanning, when an enemy is detected a teammate can also see the enemy's position.

Sova can control his Owl Drone to simply do face checking or mark the enemy's whereabouts in a few moments. However, directing Sova's Owl Drone can be said to be quite difficult and has a limited timeframe.

Shock Bolt on Sova has a fairly large attack when hit by an enemy. Apart from that, his Shock Bolt is also often used as a face checking tool when the enemy is hiding behind a wall or object.

Sova has an ultimate called Hunter's Fury. The effect of this skill is often used as a tool to attack enemies behind walls or objects, because Hunter's Fury attacks can penetrate walls and mark enemies.

However, we need to be careful and even more vigilant about Hunter's Fury. This is because this ability has a channeling duration and when you attack using this skill, your movements will slow down for a few moments.

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