5 Support Heroes in Mobile Legends that are suitable for barbarians

5 Support Heroes in Mobile Legends that are suitable for being aggressive


Hello Vicigers friends, here is a list of 5 support heroes in Mobile Legends that are suitable for playing barbarians or riotous opponent rotations. Anyone?

Hero support is now the key to playing in Mobile Legends for early game to mid game.

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The reason is because this support hero is able to mess up the opponent's defense in the early game, disrupt the opponent's rotation, make the opponent's core poor and so on.

But keep in mind that there are only a few support heroes that are at least effectively played aggressively by you guys. Who are the heroes?


5 Support Heroes in Mobile Legends that are suitable for being aggressive
Source : UHD Wallpapers

The first hero is clearly Selena, this one hero is only level 2, the pain is begging for mercy. Players who want to play aggressively at the beginning we highly recommend using this hero.

Because at least you can disturb your opponent's core and rotation until the 5th minute. And that's plenty of time for your core to farm and get rich yourself.


Source : UHD Wallpapers

Then there is Mathilda, almost similar to Selena. Mathilda can riot at level 1 as long as the skill you activate is skill 1.

The damage from skill 1 in the early game is very painful whether it hits the opponent's core or the opponent's tank.


Source : UHD Wallpapers

Then there is Valir, skill 1 possessed by Valir is very good for rioting because the burst is very high when it hits an opponent.


Source : UHD Wallpapers

Then there is the hero king of crowd control, Luo Yi, this hero at level 2 can already give a cc effect with high damage and can be spammed continuously against.


Source : UHD Wallpapers

Lastly is Eudora, even though this hero has low mobility, don't get me wrong, Eudora can be invited to play aggressively. Moreover, the damage from skills 2 and 1 is very high in the early game to the mid game.

Those are 5 MLBB support heroes that are very suitable for you to play aggressively. Anything to add?

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